Nov 04
ZapSplat Community

It’s all about community

At ZapSplat we are all about community. Since day one we have had a community aspect to the website and have, over time, migrated that outward, first onto Facebook and now our own dedicated network. This post explains a little more about the community, what to expect there and why you should join.


Why have we left Facebook?

We haven’t left Facebook as we still have our page, but our group has been archived. Why? A number of reasons. Firstly it wasn’t getting the engagement we hoped. We’re not sure exactly why, but one theory is that Facebook, being the general community platform that it is, can be a little noisy and people tend to use Facebook for personal use more than business, or work. We also had to deal with a lot of unrelated posts which meant managing the content over actually contributing more.

We didn’t want to lose our community, so we moved it.


Introducing our new community

So, while many of you have already found our network group, for those that haven’t here it is and here is what you can expect when you join.

  • Groups

User groups are a fantastic way for us to keep certain content separate from the main feed. This means you can join a group of interest and you’ll only see updates to that group (posts and comments) in your timeline feed once you have. There are a number of groups, from an Adobe Audition group set up and managed by the lead developers of Adobe for support, feedback and discussion; a discounted sound effects group, where we all post discounted sound libraries as and when we find them online; job postings, a group for industry related jobs and our ‘secret’ free sound effects group where we post extra free sound effects exclusive to community members.

  • Topics

Topics are there to keep things organized. Topics are industry related and include: filmmaking, game developers, YouTubers, podcasting, audio books and authors and more. We suggest you take a look and join as many as your interested in.

  • Messaging

The community features a messaging system, allowing you to message users you follow. This is a great way for us to communicate with each other privately.


Joining the community is free

Our community is completely free to join and after creating an account, you’ll have access to every feature. So please do head over and join us. By being a member, you’ll receive information about ZapSplat new sound effects and updates, get fast support from our team, be able to network with other professionals in your industry, find even more free sound effects and so much more.

Join here for free


About The Author

I'm the founder of, creator of a large portion of the sound effects you'll find here. I hope you enjoy the site and sfx ?

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