a lot of sounds needed for audio productions.


hi again, this is soundsman4 here again. I must be getting rather annoying popping up lots like this, if I am, I’m supremely sorry.:( now, I have quite a few sound ideas for sounds I need, but also some sounds that may be fun to have or create, just for something a bit unusual. I need sound effects of a single soldier walking at various paces, as well as running in their equipment on various surfaces, wood, stone, metal etc. there’s actually a pack of these available online, but you have to buy it sadly, so could you please attempt to recreate these, perhaps as a sound pack called footsteps soldier? also, could you attempt to recreate some foley sounds with a soldier’s uniform, such as putting on and taking off the backpack, the ammunition belts, the helmet and such, as well as recreating some body fall sounds too please? some other sounds I thought of are the same ideas as the soldier’s uniform and equipment, but with a hazmat suit, a space suit, and diving equipment? these sounds are probably available elsewhere, but you have to pay stupid amounts of money to get them, hence why I ask. I know it seems like a mammoth task, but could you do the best you can please? some ideas I had were these. as you have sounds for a male giant in fantasy, why don’t you do the same thing, but for a giantess, the female equivalent of a giant? just do the same sorts of things, snoring, speech, grunts etc, but with a female voice? also, as you have weapon sounds such as the guns, why don’t you try to make some sounds of putting the likes of a pistol in to the holster, and taking it out? or doing things with different types of weapon like dropping it on various surfaces, setting it down, picking it up, or making movements with it as though you were carrying it, as some weapons rattle when carried. I also need some sfx of explosions with pieces of debris falling, as though various buildings are being shattered as a giant demolishes the whole city. basically possibly some variations on the explosion sound with the building collapsing and crumbling. I know someone may have suggested these already, but it was just a thought for you. thanks. soundsman4

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Posted by soundsman4 (Questions: 19, Answers: 40)
Asked on 20th February 2018 9:18 am
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No you’re not annoying at all, don’t worry 🙂

I’ve added all these sounds to my list and I’ll see what I can do for you this week. I am really busy at the moment so I don’t have masses of time, but I’ll do my best!!



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Posted by Alan McKinney (Questions: 2, Answers: 317)
Answered on 20th February 2018 3:23 pm