a lot of sounds needed for audio story, and where to find them if possible


hi guys, soundsman4 here again. I’ve got some huge questions for you. does anyone know where I can get these sounds for free. movements such as body falls, putting parts of clothing on such as helmets etc, and footsteps on various surfaces wearing these types of clothing. military equipment, as in a soldier’s uniform and equipment, a space suit, a hazmat suit, and diving equipment? also, can anyone tell me where I can find sounds of huge explosions, and/or bits of debris falling, as though buildings are being destroyed, preferably also for free? these sounds of destruction, and the sounds of a soldier in their equipment are needed for the same story for which I requested a short minor key sample of the tune jingle bells played on an organ, and a huge crash for the sound of an enormous pile of Christmas presents falling over. the sounds of destruction are needed for a plot part when a two-hundred foot tall giantess goes on a rampaging spree through the city, demolishing whole buildings as though they were made of lego, simply by stepping on, or through them. impossible as it sounds, you can always try, and hopefully have fun. thanks very much guys. soundsman4

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Asked on 18th February 2018 10:48 am