canned music, and where to find it free?


hi, it’s Soundsman4. crazed cackles! how are you all? listen, got a question for you all? I’m trying to find some instrumental music, but it’s what’s called canned music, the kind of cheary constantly optimistic music you would hear piping merrily out of the speakers at the typical American shopping mall, as you and your buddies hack slash and beat your way through the zombie hordes invading it, saving as many survivers as possible, or the kind of music you might hear as you all take a ride in the elevator to a safer bit of the mall. I know it sounds like something in the likes of dead rising, or system shock two, in both of which you’re actually faced with these kinds of scenareos, having to beat your way through a zombie, or infected human infested shopping mall, depending on the game you’re doing. that’s the thing, just imagine having to listen to the mall tannoy piping out its happy little cycle of tunes while you’re having to fend off an army of hungry virus infested zombies who are attempting to tear you to shreds, or hordes of infected people trying to pound you to death while groaning, kill me, kill me. insane or what? anyway, does anyone know where on earth, or in space, I can get my hands on some of this kind of music for free, and preferably with absolutely no vocals at all? soundsman4.

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Posted by soundsman4 (Questions: 19, Answers: 40)
Asked on 15th June 2018 12:17 am
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Hi how are you?

If you can’t find the music you need on our selection, I also suggest you check out as they have a great selection. I know the sort of music you are after, so let me know if you can’t find it.


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Posted by Alan McKinney (Questions: 2, Answers: 307)
Answered on 15th June 2018 1:57 pm

    hey Alan, it’s soundsman4 here again. listen, I can’t seem to get registered with that site, no idea why it won’t work. maybe just deciding to be a pain, sometimes they do.

    (soundsman4 at 15th June 2018 6:29 pm)

      Oh that’s weird.

      (Alan McKinney at 19th June 2018 2:50 pm)

        no kidding. I don’t get it either. mum and I went hunting, and we found a couple of other sites, so they might have what I need, I haven’t really had a good deep look yet. in case you’re wanting to direct anyone else to them, one is free music archive, and another is bensound, you don’t have to register or anything, you can, but it just seems to be if you want their newsletter really, you don’t have to do it necessarily to get things. it really depends on what style it is you want to use, but generally mall music and elevator music as a rule are quite jazzy aren’t they, especially if you’re thinking of the American type. plus, it also depends on what feel you want to give, if you want the more up-beat type or the more relaxed type. stereotypically though, in the mall itself, the music is quite up-beat, where as in the elevator it can be quite relaxed, either/or, sometimes it even depends on which shop you head in to to find things. of course, if you want to give the music a creepier feel to fit in with what’s really happening, just overlay it with static and or echoes, and get it to stammer to give it the broken sound. but what I was going to do was have it so as the music gave just the opposite feel to what was really going on, just have it going happily along while the heroes and heroines fought their way through the infected, I like the idea of juxtaposing two things that completely don’t fit together, the whole, “Holy moly, look at the size of that axe that zombie has. he looks like he’s ready to, HOLY CRUD RUN FOR IT!” “but listen to the music, it’s so pleasant and,” “NEVER MIND THE MUSIC YOU NINNY! JUST RUN!” thing. my stories as a rule aren’t heavily music incorporated though, the only times I’d use music would be for an intro, outro, or as a transitional element or scene change, as though to say, a while later, that sort of thing. speaking of transitional or scene change elements, it’s so hard to find any free musical ones, most of the free ones you can get are of the, whoooooooosh, variety, but that’s because most people want that type for tv or video. the only free musical ones I’ve found so far are on a site called, orangefreesounds.

        (soundsman4 at 20th June 2018 12:53 pm)