New soundscapes?


There are some pretty terrific soundscapes on this web site under the heading “Sound Design”. Yet, as I listened to them, it dawned to me that they are pretty much all very menacing and horror-inducing. This is good for some sci-fi monster movies, but what about other film genres? In other words, is it possible to look into a possibility of uploading soundscapes with lighter musical tones? Such soundscapes would be ideal for romantic/melodramatic movies + maybe musical movies. What do you think?

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Posted by jtubinger (Questions: 2, Answers: 1)
Asked on 15th March 2018 6:30 pm
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Yes, great idea… I’ll work on some more like you suggest. I have a few ideas already 🙂


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Posted by Alan McKinney (Questions: 2, Answers: 312)
Answered on 15th March 2018 7:25 pm