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Hello zapsplat team!

First of all I want to thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to use (and chose between) all of those lovely royalty free sounds! As an art student, it comes in very handy for school projects!

I was wondering tho, am I still allowed to use the sounds of this website in a promoted video? Is that seen as commercial use even though it is to promote my social media account? (instagram) My instagram does not contain any advertisements to sell products or something of that sort. So in m opinion it is not commercial?
Please let me know your thoughts about this

Kind regards,

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Posted by user22 (Questions: 1, Answers: 0)
Asked on 9th September 2017 2:50 am
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Thanks for the question. We don’t restrict commercial use at all. You can use our sounds in commercial, non-commercial work and even work that is broadcast. You can also use our sounds in work that contains ads, or is for profit. So you’re usage is fine.

Kind regards


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Posted by Alan McKinney (Questions: 2, Answers: 317)
Answered on 9th September 2017 2:52 am