Zapsplat.com is a library of 19932 free, professional sound effects and hundreds of royalty free music tracks to download and use instantly. We were founded in 2015 as a platform where people can gain access to a large range of professional sounds and a music at no cost, while those who contribute gain valuable exposure and introduce their work and portfolio to the now thousands of people who use our site and download every day.

We are supported through donations

Zapsplat is supported through donations / account upgrades. Without them, we wouldn’t exist. 100% of the revenue generated by donations / upgrades is ploughed straight back into the website and library helping us grow. Here is a breakdown of what those donations help fund:


Our servers cost hundreds of pounds a month to run and over time we keep having to upgrade them to cope with the traffic we receive.

Serving audio files

Every sound that is downloaded (or previewed) eats into our monthly bandwidth. As we get busier, our bandwidth usage grows, so funding this is essential.


Without donations we couldn’t fix bugs and make improvements to zapsplat.com and the range of sounds and music on offer. Our developers aren’t cheap (for good reason) so donations play a vital role in ongoing development.

So please consider supporting us and helping our library grow with a donation / account upgrade if you can.

You can find out more and donate / upgrade here.