Zapsplat.com is headed by Alan McKinney, a professional sound designer of over 15 years who has had vast experience with online digital sound effects libraries and who has worked on many commercial games, apps, films and commercials and continues to do so. It’s his passion for sound that drives forward Zapsplat and continues to be one of the fastest growing free libraries online.

At Zapsplat.com, we offer 15059 free, professionally recorded sound effects (and royalty free music). Our high quality mp3’s are free to download and use. All original WAV files can be accessed with a one-time donation (you choose how much) that lasts for life. Alan and his team work full-time to bring you only the best, requested free sound effects from their Foley studio and out on location around the world. We add approximately 500 new free sound effects on the average week.

We aim to help teachers, students, aspiring creatives and anyone else gain access to a range of sound effects for their work, and work alongside a pool of talented sound designers by helping them gain valuable exposure.

We simply offer two license types here in ZapSplat.com:

Standard License

Our Standard Licence covers most of our sound effects and music. This license allows commercial, non-commercial and broadcast use of our sound effects in unlimited applications. Copyright is retained and users are required to attribute this website if they use these sounds, however attribution requirement can be removed with a small, one-time donation (you choose how much). Find out more here.

Creative Commons Zero (CC0) License

Our CC0 license (CC0, Creative Commons Zero), places sounds in the Public Domain. These sounds are free to use without attribution in any application. Find out more here.

Each sound displays the license type it is licensed below the ‘Download Mp3’ button.