Zapsplat.com is a resource dedicated to promoting and supporting indie sound effect creators, sound designers and libraries by offering small selections of their work, in exchange for quality exposure and promotion to our huge network of filmmakers, animators, game and app developers, students, teachers, schools and universities and more. Our users can audition and download any of our sounds and music for free, use them in their work safe in the knowledge that everything is 100% legal to use.

We do not exist to undercut professional sound designers and those selling their sound effects. We strive to provide a platform that everyone benefits from, and to support the growth of the industries we supplement as a whole. We also review new sound effects libraries, software, plugins and interview sound designers, field recordists and those in the field to bring you in-depth information, along side the audio content on offer.

The vast majority of revenue we earn through account upgrades (to remove attribution requirements and more) is invested straight back into zapsplat.com to help with development, growth and also promotion and marketing of not only the site, but those who contribute.

Who are we

We’re a small team of creatives who each bring our individual skills and talents to making zapsplat.com what it is. We all work in the industry professionally, and dedicate our time to zapsplat through a love and passion for sound. Meet the team…

Alan McKinney

Alan is the founder of zapsplat.com and handles the day-to-day running of the service. With 20 years experience running sound libraries both online and offline, making sure everything runs like clockwork is his passion. Alan is also a professional sound designer working on various projects and providing sound effects for many other libraries.


Steve Kay

Steve KaySteve is our main SEO guy who works with us making sure we stay compliant with current search engine and online marketing best practices and keeping the traffic coming. With years of experience under his belt, Steve helps us to stay on top. Steve is based in Sydney, Australia and runs the Local SEO Expert agency

Justin Macleod

Justin Macleod

Justin is our main contributor admin, working alongside our contributors to bring new content to zapsplat.com and making sure we promote the new and exciting libraries on offer to our users. Justin also writes many of the blog posts, articles and interviews you’ll read here and is our main Twitter expert! He is also a professional sound designer.


Join the Team

We’re always on the lookout for talented, hard working and enthusiastic individuals to join the team here at zapsplat.com

Starting out on an internship basis with the possibility of leading into some paid work, if this sounds like something for you, get in touch!