Sunshine Coast Australia from boat

A day out at sea, recording humpback whales and boats

Last month we received our Aquarian Audio H2a Hydrophone and wrote a little article about it. So we’ve been itching to take it out and what better time of year than now when here in Queensland Australia, as it’s whale season. Right now, humpback whales are migrating north to mate in the warmer tropical waters, before heading back south in a few weeks (giving us another opportunity to record them again). So we organised a day out in a boat to not only record the whales, but also every aspect of the trip, including the boat. The guy we went out with is a spear fisherman, off out hoping to catch some Spanish mackerel. Our aim isn’t so much to get wet, but rather stay dry onboa... »

Sound wave illustration

We’ve just added our 15,000th free sound effect

It’s with great pride we today reached 15,000 free sound effect to download. Since we launched back in April 2015, we’ve been working very hard to bring you a large range of professional sounds and today leaves us with just 7,000 to hit our end of year target of 22,000. We don’t rush our recordings and we don’t just pump out rubbish. Unlike other free sfx libraries out there, all our sound effects are lovingly recorded using professional equipment. We spend a lot of time in the studio editing them down and tagging them with useful meta data. Our main aim is to provide you with a set of sounds that are easily accessible and that can make your projects come... »


Our new Aquarian Audio H2a hydrophone and underwater sound effects

For many years we’ve tried to record underwater sound effects using everything from a microphone in a plastic bag to an old Zoom H2 recorder in a plastic waterproof tub. It’s safe to say we’ve never full been able to capture real underwater recordings. So we decided enough was enough and we splashed out (excuse the pun) on an Aquarian Audio H2a hydrophone. While this isn’t a review, we’ll tell you a little about it and what we used it for recently… The microphone itself comes in different length variations up to 15 metres on their website, or a custom length for an extra fee. We opted for the 3m as we really couldn’t see us using it below those depth... »


Over 300 new free sounds

Fresh to the library are over 300 new free sound effects. The new range includes a wide variety of sound effects, from plastic canisters through to zombies. Here is a quick break down. Zombies We all love a good horror movie right? Inspired by some classic films, we created a new set of zombie sound effects from zombie children through to a crowd of 15 zombies groaning as they approach. Our approach to recording these sounds is simple… we just make sure to record ourselves very early in the morning, just as we wake up! But seriously, we hope you’ll find these useful. They, along with all our monster and creature sound effects can be found  here. Plastic canisters This might sound... »


Why do indie filmmakers love so much?

Recently we polled 1,600 members on what they use our sound effects for and the results came back with a whopping 26% using us for their indie films. We had an idea that filmmakers equated for a high percentage of our members, so this data confirmed that. So why do so many independent filmmakers find so useful? We asked a few of them and here is what they said: I’ve been making my own shorts for a little over a year now and it is safe to say it’s a hobby. So because I have to squeeze this into my busy life (I’ve a full-time job and 2 kids), spending time in post production tends to be taken up with editing the visuals, not so much sound. So to find a website lik... »


New packs: Paper and Popcorn

It’s with great pleasure we can announce the release of two new free sound effects packs, Paper and Popcorn. While both packs contain sound effects available in our main library for individual download, these packs serve as a convenient way to quickly download them all if you’re working on a project that requires a comprehensive range of these sounds. Professionally recorded, both packs feature many different sound effects and include a variety of alternate versions of each sound too. One of our members recently said of our Paper sound effects pack: This is just perfect and contains exactly the sounds I was looking for. I’m working on a film and in a particular scene, a law... »

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Latest news from

If you’ve been following our blog you’ll be aware we’ve launched our new sound effect packs, while also working hard to bring you thousands of new free sound effects over the last month. It’s been busy, but fun. We thought we’d share a little update on what we’ve been getting up to this last few weeks. New office/studio We were supposed to be moving to some new studios, or at least a new office which we were hoping to convert to a Foley stage and office space to make recording a bit easier. However we are not 100% sure that the space we were looking at will suit our needs. Recording sounds requires a quiet location and the area we live is close to a busy a... »


183 new sounds just added

It’s been another busy few days here in our studio and we’ve been working on a lot of new free sound effects for you to download. In fact we’ve just added 183 new sounds which we know you’ll find useful and brings the total number of sounds to over 14,000. A breakdown is below. We’re also about to release two new sound effects packs, Popcorn and Paper. Popcorn This was a really fun recording session, not only because I love popcorn (and yes, once we finished, we ate it) but the whole studio was filled with the smell of freshly popped corn, bringing back memories of visiting the cinema as a kid. But this session aim was to capture as many popcorn sound effects as... »

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Our new free packs are here!

We’ve just launched our new growing range of free sound effects packs to download as .mp3 or .wav files. Over the last few months, many of our members have asked us if we planned to offer sounds as packs rather than just individual download and the answer was always yes. So we’ve been working with our fantastic developer to bring the idea to life and we’ve launched with our first offerings. Below are the first 4 packs released, but we’ll be adding more regularly… Brisbane Recorded in and around the CBD of Queensland’s capital city (Australia), this amazing sound effect pack contains 22 long sound effect ambiences from pedestrianised streets, crossing, brid... »

Pasta Before

A busy week recording new sound effects

It’s been a busy week for us here at recording new sound effects and we’re steaming towards 14,000 in our library. Here are some of the sounds we’ve been working on… Limb Breaks I never get bored of designing and recording those horrible bone breaks and limb tearing sound effects that are so popular with our filmmakers and game developers. Creating them is surprisingly simple with some everyday food items found in your kitchen, however it’s a messy process. I used cooked spaghetti, mixed in some shaving gel for the squelchy, fleshy sound and then used dried spaghetti and celery for the crunch. Mixing it all together and performing a variety of crunc... »