Pasta Before

A busy week recording new sound effects

It’s been a busy week for us here at recording new sound effects and we’re steaming towards 14,000 in our library. Here are some of the sounds we’ve been working on… Limb Breaks I never get bored of designing and recording those horrible bone breaks and limb tearing sound effects that are so popular with our filmmakers and game developers. Creating them is surprisingly simple with some everyday food items found in your kitchen, however it’s a messy process. I used cooked spaghetti, mixed in some shaving gel for the squelchy, fleshy sound and then used dried spaghetti and celery for the crunch. Mixing it all together and performing a variety of crunc... »

Mixing console

Who are we and other questions answered

I often get people email with questions such as, what’s the catch? Are your sound effects really free? Why do you spend your time doing this if you don’t make any money? So I thought it might be good to write a little blog post with some more information on us and why we do what we do. Our sound effects are not aimed at anyone specific, although our recent poll showed the highest portion of our members use our sound effects for filmmaking. When we launched, we did so as we realised there was a need for a sound effects library that allowed everyone access to high quality sound effects for free, but specifically those with little or no budget. However anyone and everyo... »


Results from our sound effect usage poll (as of 14th June 2017)

We recently launched a poll asking members what you use our free sound effects for. The reason we did this is part of an ongoing effort to understand our members needs better and improve our service and sound effects range. Here are the results so far, with 1,597 members having answered (as of 14th June 2017)… As can be seen, the results show the largest users of our sound effects are Filmmakers and Videographers, at 425 Votes (26.61%). The second highest being School Project 359 Votes (22.48%). Personal Use / just for Fun 225 Votes (14.09%) then Game /App Development 171 Votes (10.71%). The results from this poll are not surprising to us, as we fully expected the filmmaker community t... »

Brisbane Buildings

Recording city sound effect ambiences in Brisbane

Whenever we travel to a new city we like to record as much of the ambience as possible. I used to believe most cities sounded the same, but having recorded a few now, it’s safe to say they all have their own unique sound. Brisbane Australia has its own charm and character and of course, sound. The first thing that struck me about Brisbane was just how much smaller it felt compared to London or New York City. It also was much quieter, even for a busy Monday. There were distinctly less people and traffic on the streets that I expected. Often when people think of how a city sounds, they think of traffic, people, car horns honking, police sirens etc. While these sounds all occur within the... »

Sound Wave

New free sound effects added

The requests for new free sound effects have been coming in thick and fast this last couple of weeks so we’ve been busy in the studio and out on location trying our best to record and create what we’re being asked for. So here is a breakdown of the most recent free sound effects we’ve uploaded to Metal Metal is our favourite thing to record, because so many different sounds can be produced from various metal sources. So when we get people asking for metallic sound effects, we jump at the chance. Metal impacts was first up and we needed to create some thin resonating impacts and larger heavy ones too. Often simple items found around the home can be used and wit... »

New free sound effects: waterfalls and creeks

New free sound effects: waterfalls and creeks

The Buderim Forest Park is a beautiful forest nestled at the heart of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. The park features tall palm and gum trees shading a meandering creek that runs from a waterfall at the northern edge, down through to the southern. Our mission for this recording session, come away with a set of free waterfall and creek sound effects for you to download. On the day we arrived there was (typically) some grass cutting going on at the entrance to the park. We’re not talking a guy with a lawnmower… Nope, this was a couple of guys with industrial mowers, weed whackers and leaf blowers. Undeterred we ventured into the forest, but having to go a little deeper... »

Creek at Kondalilla

Recording rainforest ambiences at Kondalilla National Park

If there was one thing we looked forward to recording most when we moved out to Australia, it was nature. Often us sound designers find ourselves stuck in the studio or in front of the computer gazing at the outside world hoping the next job will take us to the great outdoors. Luckily for us, so far we’ve managed to be out and about quite a lot this month. Kondalilla National Park The Kondalilla National Park sits in south east Queensland in the Blacknall Range. It’s a protected area featuring lush rainforest, creeks, waterfalls and beautiful views. In fact this was probably the first place we visited when we arrived and so far, it’s never disappointed. We’ve swam in ... »

Sheet Metal

Cinematic hits, metal impacts and many new free sound effects just added

It’s been another hectic week here at Not only have we been busy recording more sound effects, but we’ve also been constructing a new small studio live room, well more a booth, so we can work from our office. Already delivered are 40 new acoustic foam tiles, new microphone stands, a shiny new Sony PCM D100 recorder for more location work and a few other bits. All that’s left to do is build a moveable wall for the foam tiles and we’re away… We’ll add pictures when we have some. New free sound effects… First up we got our hands on some empty gas canisters of various sizes. Now what do do with those? Hit them, drag them and generally get a... »


Recording drones

Drones, or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are becoming increasingly common in our skies. From hobbyists flying them in the local playing fields, to professional uses including construction, agriculture, sports, film and TV, security and much more, the small yet highly useful devices will surely be an increasingly common sight. With this in mind, we recently went out and recorded a mid-sized UAV in all its glory. Soon, we feel there will be an even bigger demand for drone sound effects. The location So, to get a decent chance at recording the UAV in action, we had to find a location for suitable manoeuvring such as fly-bys, take-off and landings, hovering, flips and more. This obviously had t... »


Saro Sahihi of SoundBits talks about field recording and sound design

Beyer Dynamic recently released this interesting interview with the founder of, Saro Sahihi, talking about working as a professional field recordist and sound designer. If you’re thinking about starting a career in the industry, this video will give some great ideas for locations, some things to expect and more. if you’re a working professional, you’ll watch this and think… ‘yeah, I agree’! As a field recordist and sound designer myself, this video rings many bells for me. Saro speaks many true words and explains some of the good and tricker sides to recording sound effects. One thing that particularly stands out is how you need to, and wi... »