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20,000+ free sound effects and counting

It’s with great pleasure that today we can announce the upload of our 20,000th free sound effect. Since our launch in 2015, we strived to create one of the biggest and most useful collections of free soundfx online and that mission is still alive today. Averaging 500 new sounds per week, we are now working towards 30,000 sfx to download. New download system The last week or so has been busy and a little stressful. As some of you may be aware, we’ve been working with our developers to bring several new features and changes to over the last few weeks and some haven’t gone exactly to plan. One of these features was a whole new download system. In fact we released a blog post updati... »


Welcome to our latest contributor: Free To Use Sounds

Free To Use Sounds is an amazing library of free sound effects recorded by Libby and Marcel on their worldwide travels. The duo met on a chance encounter, as explained my Marcel: We met by chance on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France. At the time we were two strangers residing on different continents, the one in Switzerland, the other in Los Angeles. While traveling around the world we came across so many amazing sounds and we thought why not making these sounds freely available. Their website offers all their sound effects to download for free, much the same as we do here at and they very kindly decided to make their collection available to our members here at Zapsplat.c... »


New download system

Since launching in 2015, we’ve been using the HTML 5 download attribute for managing the download of our sound effects and music, which is a new system for downloading files from web pages in a streamlined way. However support for the attribute through browsers, while good, still has issues with older browsers and those no longer in development but still in use (like Internet Explorer). Safari on Mac was one of the last browsers to adopt support for the attribute and while it is now working with Safari 10.1+, for some reason we still were seeing issues and many of our members just couldn’t download with Safari. From the number of complaints we were receiving about this, we reali... »


Latest releases: 100 new free soundfx recorded in an old basement

Today was the first day back for us here at after the Christmas period. I say first day back, it isn’t really as you’ll probably be aware there have been loads of sounds uploaded over the last few weeks and even through Christmas, but today we’re back on it at our usual level. We have been working on a lot of new site updates also over the festive break, including the addition of Lists and a few other new features for Gold members. Also we’ve been busy improving the download system to address ongoing problems for certain browsers. I’ll post an update on this blog about that shortly. Here are just a few of the latest 100 new free sound effects added today. Water tanks and contain... »

Glasshouse Mountains

New sounds: ocean waves and rural ambiences at the glasshouse Mountains, Australia

The Glasshouse Mountains Today I took a trip out into the beautiful countryside of Queensland, Australia to capture the hot summer ambience that surrounds the Glasshouse Mountains. This small range stands proudly in the Hinterland just slightly inland from Caloundra. I’ve been wanting to get out there and record for a while, so today was the day. Just to set the scene, it was 30 degrees, dry (we’ve had no rain for a couple of weeks) and I went out at midday. I drove around for a while to work out the best spot to record. The key for recording these ambiences is to avoid people and traffic. Easier said than done I thought, but actually I was pleasantly surprised that there were very few cars ... »

Introducing Lists

Introducing Lists

I’m pleased to announce the latest new feature here at…. Lists (Lists are only available to Gold members, click here to donate and upgrade) What are lists used for? Lists are simply ways for you to save personalised lists of our sounds. They are perfect for creating a group of sounds for a particular project, or movie scene, or just for creating a draft list of sounds you can then trim down to your exact requirements later if you don’t want to commit to downloading sounds as you search for them. Many of our users have expressed the need for a system that allows them to do this. You can give each list a title and description for neat organisation, add or remove sounds at any time... »

Music Studio

New free royalty free music track uploaded: Ultimatum

I just finished composing the latest royalty free music track and uploaded it to the library. I’ve been working on loads of different musical genres recently, but this one was a little bit of a throw back to my younger days. I used to be a DJ in my hometown of Brighton, UK, and while my main love was for funky disco house, I’d occasionally play some harder stuff. I started working on ‘Ultimatum’ mainly as a loop. I wasn’t sure of the direction of the piece, whether it was going to be a progressive trance track or more of an electronic house track. But as I added more and more instrumentation and synth elements, it quickly became the electronic house track that it is. The track starts off as ... »

Skipping rope

Skipping, tin cans, dirt, footsteps and more free sfx just added

I’ve just uploaded the latest batch of free sound effects before I add new soundfx from two of our contributors, London Music Mixing and a brand new contributor who we’ll announce tomorrow. Here is a breakdown of these latest new sounds… Dirt I’ve had many requests for new dirt sound effects so I’ve got loads of recording sessions both out in the field and studio planned. Today I got the ball rolling with some scrapes in a thin layer of dirt. I wanted to capture the crisp sound you get when rubbing your feet in dirt so I had to work out the best way to capture it. Initially I thought about just dropping a load of dirt on the ground and recording it, but I want to save this for another sessio... »


Four new free royalty free music tracks

Part of the drive to increase our range of royalty free music is to record around two new tracks a week. So last week, after the release of Return to Ankara, a Turkish themed song, I also release four new music tracks. Here are the details: Undercover I’m a lover of crime movies and as such the music that goes with them. So first on the agenda was to write some simple underscores that our users can use to set a dark, crime style tone to their movies (or whatever else they are useful for). Undercover is an arpeggio driven dark underscore that features orchestral drums, deep, dark piano stabs and a sinister, glassy droning melody on top. The track doesn’t have much progression due to the fact ... »

Roller skates

Loads of new free sound effects added today

It’s been a great Christmas here in Australia (our first outside of the UK) and a relaxing one at that too. I hope you all had a good Christmas! But while I’ve been creating and uploading sounds during the holidays, I’ve been a bit slower than normal! Today marks to return to normal here and to kick off 2018, I’ve just uploaded 83 new free sound effects to the library, all of which can be downloaded instantly. Here is a breakdown of just some: Surfboards We already had a few surfboard and surfing sound effects in the library but always need more. So today after a great surf off the beach in Mudjimba I took the time to record a few more surfboard sounds. First up I recorded the sound of me wa... »