Zoom H1 on box

Using the Zoom H1 as a portable emergency recorder: a quick review

If you’ve read some of my previous posts regarding portable handheld recorders, you’ll be aware that I’ve use many over the years including others from the Zoom range (H2 H4 and H5) as well as higher-end recorders such as the Sony PCM D100 (great review here) which is my current go to portable. But even the Sony device can be a little bulky for those situations where you just don’t want to have to carry it around. For me this is most weekends when I am out and about with my family, visiting the beach, shopping, going for a walk or out for a meal. These times are when I am not working and spending time relaxing, but it’s also often the time in the past when I’ve kicked myself when a low flyin... »

Indonesian market

Hundreds of new free sound effects added

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog post and even though I’ve been quiet, it doesn’t mean things have slowed down here at zapsplat.com. We’ve just had the Easter break and that means my 4 children are off school and waiting to be entertained, but between the fun and games I’ve been hard at work recording and editing loads of new sound effects. In fact, I believe we’ve added almost 600 new sounds in that time! Not only that but we’ve had some amazing submissions from Marcel and Libby at freetousesounds.com which we’ll talk about below. Free to use sounds Still on their journey around the world and recording some pretty stunning sounds at the same time, FTUS have sent us a load of n... »


Cars, rocks, debris and landslides and more just added!

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been out on many locations and away from the studio. For me this is a welcome break from what sometimes is an easy trap to fall into… making, designing and creating sound effects on the computer in the studio rather than being out in the real-world recording. Don’t get me wrong, I love both, but it has been a refreshing break to be outside, getting some vitamin D. The sessions have been highly productive with some fantastic new sounds, so here is a small list of just some of them… Cars driving on various surfaces These sounds came about by accident on a recording trip up to Mapleton Forest Reserve, and more specifically, Pt Glorious. This lookout, high up i... »

Computer and coffee

Third party review of ZapSplat.com with a focus on accessibility

I absolutely love talking to our members and regularly post up some of the feedback we receive in posts here. I’ve always been of the opinion that listening to what your users think about your service should be a top priority. Last year I was approached by Justin Macleod, a sound designer and regular user of our sounds here at zapsplat.com. Justin eventually became a contributor, adding some of his fantastic sound design elements for you to download here, but he also helped us out by making some very valuable suggestions. Justin is visually impaired and uses a screen reader to navigate and download our sound effects and music. He highlighted some issues he faced using our website, so w... »


Another busy day brings 82 new free sound effects to download

I’ve spent the day today working on more requests and adding loads of new sounds to the library. I also spend the evening out in the sub-tropical rainforest recording creeks, waterfalls and insects (and some birds) which I’ll be adding tomorrow. But just for your reading pleasure, here are some of the sounds I’ve been working on and added in the last few hours: Cartoon impacts, ascends and descends Now before I go into detail on this, I just want to say I am not keen on breaking or smashing musical instruments that are perfectly good. It seems such a shame to do so, but in the sound design world, sometimes these things happen. My kids were given an old ukulele that while worked fine, was old... »

Question mark

Requesting sounds you can’t find

Very often I receive emails stating something like “I can’t find the sound xyz in your library, do you know where I can find them or can you create it for me”. I love receiving requests because it a) helps me understand what we are lacking and can build the library around this and b) because it opens up dialogue between you and I. Running any website (or any business) relies heavily on interaction between ‘customer’ and owner, so please don’t be shy in asking. But I thought it may be useful to put a little post up that I can reference in the future for those of you that can’t find what you need and need me to either try and create it for you, or point you in the right direction. When should ... »

Thank you

A big thanks to all those who have donated and upgraded so far!

Last month we started accepting monthly and yearly recurring donations to help us monetize zapsplat.com allowing us to better cover our costs, help me to dedicated more of my time to recording and uploading more free sound effects and royalty free music and safeguard the site for the future. So far it’s going very well and the projections look good for the site to be fully self-sustainable by June 2018. This will mean the site is able to cover its costs and also have enough money for ongoing development. Currently a lot of the costs come form my own pocket, (which is never a problem) but all being well, by June 2018, I can actually dedicated even more time to the site and grow it further. If... »

Miscrophone outside

Why free sound effects are important

I occasionally get asked ‘why do you offer sounds for free’, which is a legitimate response to the core ethos behind zapsplat.com. Some people don’t understand why we do what we do and why it is important. Are we trying to dominate the sound library industry? Are we bringing the industry down by offering a free alternative to what has always been a paid-for market place? No, we don’t believe so and here is why… I was once a student (that seems like a long time ago now) and I studied everything from media through to music production. During this time I had no money (or very little) and worked to pay for my education. Back then, it was almost impossible to find free sound files that were... »

Free to use sounds

Review: FreeToUseSounds.com

I few months ago I had an email arrive in my inbox from an enthusiastic and highly motivated individual named Marcel Gnauk, who informed me of his website and enviable lifestyle, traveling around the world recording sound effects. In fact, just a few days before receiving the email, I’d had a conversation with my wife expressing a desire to do the exact same thing. On taking a look at his website I was impressed. Marcel and his partner Libby have been on a mission since a chance meeting in 2014 in France Our adventure began in 2014 when we met by chance on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France. At the time we were two strangers residing on different continents, the one in Switzerland, th... »

Pig lying down

Pig grunts, cartoon water drips and lots of other new sounds added and new royalty free music

With the rain continuing to fall here today and not being able to venture outside so easily (or complete some of your requests due to the weather) I’ve been getting creative in the studio today. Here are some of the 43 new sound effects just added: Pig grunts I wanted to create some cartoon animals today so set about recording my voice mimicking some horses and pigs, with the aim to pitch them up and play around with them in Adobe Audition. Once I got the sounds in the editor and increased the pitch, I realised they didn’t really work. However the pig grunts (my voice) seemed to sound realistic when pitched down. In fact they ended up working so well, I’ve added them to the library. Cartoon ... »