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The Gamemaster Pro Sound Collection: An In-Depth Review

The Gamemaster Pro Sound Collection contains 8076 sound effects, which is all the material from all their libraries, which can also be purchased individually. When not on sale, it retails for $58.8, which works out at roughly 137 sound effects per dollar. This price includes European VAT so it may well be even cheaper where you live. Even if this was just a pack of source material, developed for sound designers to mangle and layer to their hearts’ content, it would still be, by far, the best value for money sound library I have ever come across…but it’s not just that. Before you read on, just so you know, for a limited time, get a whopping 50% off the Pro Sound Collection w... »

Kitchen sink

A Bumper Batch from Fox Audio Post-production

Posting this blog article has been a little delayed. Two weeks ago, we were lucky enough to welcome another contributor on board – Fox Audio Post-Production. Why then has this blog article been so long in coming? Because Fox Audio has been generous enough to give us over 140 sounds and I wanted to listen through to them and evaluate them properly, which, as you can imagine, took some time. This bountiful crop of sounds comprises their household sound effects pack so all the sounds fall into the category that you’re bound to need at some point to illustrate your character/s daily routine. When I look through new sounds, the kinds of things I’m looking for tend to fall into f... »

West Wolf

Welcome to West Wolf

It’s that time again when I get to write an article on one of my favorite themes – welcoming a new contributor. This time I’m delighted to announce that West Wolf has added some excellent sounds to our growing library. The collection mostly comprises ambiences, with a few other categories thrown in and this article provides a quick summary of the sound effects on offer. This new selection of around fifty sounds is diverse and what I particularly like, even before you get to listening to the audio, is that you can see what equipment was used to make some of the recordings just by looking at the links to the files. So right away you can see that the equipment quality is great... »


Eight Reasons Sound Designers Should Consider Intensity

Intensity is a plugin from a company one reviewer from Production Expert dubbed “the mad scientists at Zynaptiq” and, as anyone who knows Zynaptiq’s plugins will be able to attest, he’s not wrong, given that they have built a reputation for creating unconventional and ground-breaking software. Although, at first glance, Intensity might seem to be a plugin better suited to the music mixing and mastering market and although its effect is certainly subtler than other plugins favored by sound designers, it can have a very powerful effect on your finished product and, I firmly believe is an invaluable tool for any sound designer. Since, at the time of writing this article,... »


Welcome to Uberduo and Their Cabin

We’re very pleased to welcome Uberduo as a contributor, who has given us a very generous selection of sounds demonstrating the quality of their sound library “The Cabin audio playset”, which is designed to “allow producers, sound designers and other post-production audio professionals to quickly and easily establish an immersive audio set design with minimal effort.” These sounds are available with us at 48 KHz 24-bit quality. Even if your project isn’t taking place in a mountain cabin, the sounds easily translate to a wide variety of other applications. Their sample pack features two mono fire loops ideal for use as ambiences with no need to collapse the ... »


A Big Welcome to Detunized

We’re very happy to welcome our latest contributor Detunized to Zapsplat with a contribution of 25 sound effects. I first came across Detunized when I discovered their Abandoned shelters library, which, at the time of writing this article, is on sale at A Sound effect.  I was impressed by the atmosphere the sounds generate. Check out the demo and listen to the metal creepily swinging in the wind. So I’m personally very pleased they decided to come on board. There are three ways contributors can present sounds to Zapsplat. They can either give us a few sounds from many libraries to give us an idea of the breadth of material they cover, they can custom-make sounds for Zapsplat, eit... »


Crashes and Creaks, Motors and Modulation

It’s time for another round-up of some of the latest sounds we have for you and this time the offerings come from PMSFX and Zapsplat, We’ve got over 60 sounds to cover so let’s get started! (Enter PMSFX with a Bang) They’ve done it again! We really are grateful to PMSFX for the number and quality of sounds that they’ve has given us and they just keep coming. Last time it was rain and coins, this time it’s seven metal impacts with lots of body. They are all wonderfully resonant. With a bit of compression you could use the tails of some of these on their own as source material for some interesting sound design. The impacts themselves are rich and full. Some ... »


Interview: Soundbites with SoundBits

SoundBits has contributed some great sound effects to Zapsplat (which you can download an use for free here) and the thing about their content is you never know what’s coming next. Their libraries span the full range from the cinematic, gruesome and sinister to Foley and human vocalizations. First up, here’s a demo for just some of their content:  So when I heard that they released a new library, Antiques, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to catch up with Saro Sahihi (the owner of SoundBits) to find out more about his process and where his diverse range of ideas come from. Oh yes and keep reading for news of an exclusive discount he’s offering to the Zapsplat communi... »


From psychedelia to polystyrene: new sounds from Scott Lawlor and PMSFX

It’s time for the round-up of some of the latest sounds we have for you and this time they come from new and active contributors Scott Lawlor and PMSFX. There’s everything from Foley and household sound effects to the sci-fi and cinematic so there will almost certainly be something you can use. 14 Sounds from Scott Scott is a prolific artist with more albums than I can count on Bandcamp. I know him for his dark ambient compositions and his emotive piano playing, so it was a surprise to find that his latest contribution is something a little different as he turns his attention to filling out our “Hits and Noises” category with some interesting retro sound design. There... »

Feetousesounds EMF recording

New Sounds from FreeToUseSounds

FreeToUseSounds is one of our most frequent and stallwart contributors and we’re delighted to be able to give you an overview of their latest contribution of 49 sound effects they’ve given us, which is packed full of diversity, quality, originality and, above all, attention to detail. This sample of FreeToUseSounds’ work features their field recordings in Singapore as its centerpiece. Almost all of the ambiences included here come from there. What I really like is how so many different environments have been captured – from bus stations and bus rides, to markets, restaurants and a university cafe. The restaurant ambiences aren’t just the ones you’d expect ... »