A Warm Welcome to Skyes Audio

A Warm Welcome to Skyes Audio

We’re delighted to introduce contributor number two this year, Skyes Audio, bringing us over 60 sounds from across their successful  libraries. There’s a really interesting breadth of subject matter here  and, in this article, we’ll take a whistle stop tour. If it’s abstract and sci-fi sounds you want, this new collection won’t  disappoint. There are growls and hums aplenty that come from Skyes Audio’s Augmentation elements library. The sample we have for you features pass-bys, risers and other accents like this one. These sounds are very distinctive while sounding similar enough that they could be blended to make longer evolving pieces or used to  illustr... »

2019 New Year

Looking Behind and Looking Ahead

It’s the time of year when everyone looks back on how the previous year went and looks forward to what they hope to achieve in the coming year and Zapsplat’s no exception. In this article, we want to share a few highlights from 2018 as well as our goals for the coming year, how we’d like to reach out and help more people to an even greater extent and how you can get involved if you’d like. Looking Behind 2018 was a great year for us with the addition of 11,000 new sound effects, which took us past the 31,000 mark. We were able to fulfill a number of requests for particular sound effects from you guys as well, which is always really rewarding. These include some bullet... »

Blue whale

Blue whale heartbeats, snooker and more free sound effects

As always, we’ve added a large batch of new free sound effects this week, too many to mention in fact, but I wanted to mention a few that I felt worthy, for various reasons. Check them out below. Vinyl scratch This sound (the sound of the turntable needle being wrenched across the grooves of the record) is often associated with an abrupt end to not only music, but all manner of other things, so it has universal appeal. However we didn’t have such a sound in the library, until today that is. I was asked if we could provide one by a member in our Facebook group a little while ago, and we were also asked for the exact same sound by another user via Twitter. My initial thought was to source a tu... »


Shout out for PMSFX

Last year we were fortunate enough to welcome ten new contributors to the Zapsplat community, who gave us a tremendous breadth of material produced by amazing heights of talent. One of these ten contributors is PMSFX, who have given us stacks of different sounds from Foley and metal impacts to cinematic trailer sounds, horror and sci-fi effects and they’re not stopping there. They’ve just given us eight more sounds, described later in this article. Since I acquired their Everything Bundled library a couple of short months ago, which contains their entire sound effects catalogue, I have received, as part of the bundle, no fewer than seven free updates, some comprising expansions a... »

Gregor Quendel libraries

A big welcome to Gregor Quendel

At the turn of the year, A Sound Effect releases details of the 14 best selling sound effects libraries of the year and our first contributor of 2019, Gregor Quendel, is featured on that list with his Designed Fire library. I’m delighted to announce that he’s contributed 26 sound effects to represent his innovative, experimental approach to sound design and here’s a quick run-down. Some of the sounds are from Designed Fire. We have swooshes, larger than life flames and crackles as well as a burst. Warm your ears with this one. There are also really original tonal electricity sounds, sci-fi machinery and robot sound effects. Where Gregor Quendel’s tendency for interest... »

Illustrated water drips

146 new free designed game sound effects

Game developers make up a large percentage of our user base, so making sure we have the right sounds for all your game dev needs is something we are working on daily. I was checking out some of the amazing libraries that exist out there on the web and realised, one of the sound sets we are lacking are wet splashes, plops, pops and other soggy sounds. I decided to set about creating some. One of the things I often notice in games, especially mobile games is that the sounds used are often softer than real-life sounds. One of the main reasons for this is to allow the sounds to blend into the game and not detract from the overall experience, not to dominate the audio visual landscape that the pl... »


We’re back with 52 new free sound effects

Today marks the first proper day back for us and straight into recording and creating more free sound effects. It’s been really nice to take a little time off and spend it with my family. I normally just take a few days off over Christmas, but this last year has been so busy and intense, it felt only right to take some time to relax and restore the creative energies. I have a whole backlog of sounds from our very generous contributors, but also a small backlog of my own sounds, which I have released 52 of today. Below is a short summary of what’s been uploaded: Spacecraft It was while speaking with Justin over the holidays that we decided we needed to focus on some more science fiction sound... »

Sound Wave

Fox Audio and FreeToUseSounds

It doesn’t seem like long ago at all that I was writing blog articles to showcase the latest contributions from Fox Audio Post production and FreeToUseSounds, not long indeed since we were welcoming Fox Audio as a new contributor. Well now both companies have given us even more sounds which I’ll give you a guided tour of below. Fox Audio Post-production The next contribution from Fox Audio features a focused collection of eleven vehicle sound effects, specifically an s-type Jaguar. Regular readers of articles in this category know that I love unusual sound effects and there are definitely some of those here. There are sounds of the mirror moving, the glove compartment opening and... »

Orange banner

Alan’s Audio Avalanche

Over the last month or two, our site founder Alan has been busy producing all kinds of sound effects to add to our growing collection. The total has been growing so fast I’ve barely been able to keep up, but now that things are winding down for Christmas, I can draw level again and walk through all the new stuff that’s available. Well when I say walk through it all, there are over 680 new offerings so I’ll do my little best. Whooshing you a Merry Christmas As you may know if you follow us on Twitter or have read Alan’s last blog entry, he got himself an early Christmas present that’s great for making whooshes, which is handy really because it’s called̷... »


New free whoosh sound effects for your movies and more!

One of the sounds we often get requested by users are whooshes, sweeps and other transition sound effects. They are popular because they have a wide range of uses, from scene transitions, recreating the sound of an object passing by at speed, to enhancers for trailers, animated objects and more. As someone who loves experimenting with editing sounds, mixing and layering them up and generally playing around with synthesis, I have already added several hundred of these sounds to the library over the years. However I have found myself feeling the limitations of the software and techniques I use and wanted to find a new way of creating such sounds. A little while ago I discovered the Whoosh soun... »