Scratched Surface

Trucks, cars and traffic and lots of new scratching sound effects

If you’ve followed my rambling posts here in the blog, you’ll probably know I love nothing more than spending time outdoors in natural environments from the beach to the forest. It’s a great excuse to get out and record in those environments so I relish the chance when I get it. However there comes a time when you’re called on the record other sounds, so yesterday and today I’ve been out recording a variety of vehicles and traffic and also delivering some sounds that have been requested. Traffic I wanted to add some new traffic sound effects to the library so went out armed with my Sony PCM D100 and got to work recording. Often us field recordists spend more time trying to avoid the sound of... »

Water Splash

91 new free sound effects just added

Another day and another load of new free sound effects have been recorded and added to I have a list of soundfx I want to create or record so work my way through it when I have time. Here is a short list of just some of the new sound effects created today… Acid Burns Although we had a few of these already, I’ve been wanting to boost the numbers by creating more so I set about that today. Acid burns typically fizz on contact so that was the focus of this set of sounds. There are a number of ways I could have approached this, from fizzy drinks and soda through to aerosol cans and water hitting hot metal. Giving this some though, I opted for the later, because water fizzing on a h... »

Noosa Heads

Recording the ocean at Noosa National Park, Australia

Probably one of the most famous places to visit at the northern edge of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia is Noosa Heads, a tourist hotspot and home to quite possibly the most beautiful National Park in Australia. The main town boasts amazing restaurants, bars, clothes shops and gift shops, some of the best ice cream in the area and much more. But I didn’t come for an ice cream, I came to record ocean sound effects. I try and visit Noosa at least a couple of times a month, often just for pleasure but always with a microphone and recorder handy. Today’s trip out was specifically to capture ocean sound effects from the headland, a rocky and rugged coastline with quite possible the bu... »

Fern plant

More free sound effects just added

Today was a busy one with two sets of uploads taking place. I’d fulfilled some requests this morning, then spent the afternoon and about on location, so here is what I’ve been up to. There were several requests for sound effects posted in the last few days so I’ve struggled to keep on top of them. However today most of them were recorded and added to Sipping tea or coffee Seriously, if you ask me to record myself drinking tea, we are doing well! One of my favourite things to do is have a nice cuppa so what a perfect sound recording session this was for me. I was asked to provide a few variations of a person sipping from a cup so I added a few to the library. Now all I ask is th... »

Milky Way

Free stock imagery from Pexels

If like me you often need to access high quality free stock images for your work, then you may have found yourself hunting around the internet trying to find a library that offers just that. A few years ago the hunt was a long and arduous one, often finding the perfect image, but then realising there is a complicated licensing system attached. Well look no further! A while ago we reviewed, a large repository of high quality CC0 stock imagery. Pixabay is a huge library with so much to choose from it’s fast catching up (in terms of quality and quantity) the commercial libraries such as Getty. I highly recommend you check out Pixabay if you haven’t already. But also worth a look is ... »

Sound Wave

Cartoon slime, whistles, doors and more free sfx just added

I’ve uploaded a few less sounds than normal this week due to having some family commitments, but over 200 new have been uploaded. As always they can be downloaded for free. Here is a small list of just some of the new releases this week. Cartoon slime Sometimes you get an idea for a new set of sound effects from the most unexpected of places or situations. Just the other day my daughter came home from school with a prize she’d won at a raffle, which was a ball you squeeze and it expands into some weird gel like balloon. Well it was until my son managed to grab it and pop it. After a few tantrums, my daughter decided the now slimy but solid mass was actually more fun and kept it in a small gl... »

Macbook Pro

New Apple Macbook Pro and audio plugins

It was the end of the road for my trusty old Macbook Air, which for the last 4 years has done me well as a portable studio solution for when I’m out and about. The computer has helped create and edit over 10,000 sound effects so it’s time she was allowed a rest. One key had fallen off and even through I’d performed a software reset, it had finally started showing signs of age and heavy use. So I’ve just taken delivery and started using a brand new Macbook Pro and with 16GB of RAM, the unit is proving much faster and more reliable for all my on-the-go editing. I wanted to post this up as a little thank you to all of you who have donated to upgrade, as it’s these upgrades that allow me to save... »


Giants, doors, cinematic hits and other new releases just uploaded…

It’s great to be back working on user requests and to get the creative juices flowing. I love having time off, but I equally miss working on recording and producing new sound effects! So today I edited and uploaded the latest soundfx releases which are as follows: Giants I often get requests for fantasy sfx but usually under the more magical genres, so when I get a chance to create giant sound effects I jump at the chance. This week it’s just a few variations of sighs, moans and groans, some coughs and the ‘Fe Fi Fo Fum’ line the giant in the classic children’s tale Jack an the Beanstalk says. Go grab them here. Cinematic hits I’m not sure if these type of... »

Light Sabre

Recreating two of the iconic Star Wars sound effects

Star Wars is one of the most influential films of ‘modern’ sound design. By that I mean the sound designer responsible, Ben Burtt set standards that were way ahead of their time and even today, stand the set of time. When one of our members asked me to produce a similar sound to the light sabre I had to think creatively. I have yet to produce it but when conducting my research, I came across a really interesting video. So I thought I’d post a short blog entry that featured two videos for recreating these classic Star Wars sound effects… the Light Sabre and Blaster gun… Creating the light sabre sound effect. The guys at Shanx FX have done pretty awesome job at de... »

Eastern Whipbird

New free sound effect releases…

After a very short break (I’ve had 4 days off due to some family commitments) I’m back on it uploading loads of new free sound effects. Even though I’ve been away, I’ve still been recording and editing new sfx, so here are the latest uploads: Rainforest ambiences featuring the Eastern Whipbird I didn’t know what the Eastern Whipbird was until researching after these latest recordings, but I did know that the sound of this tropical bird can often be heard in rainforest and jungle sound effect ambiences, so I was pleased to be able to capture one or two so close up this week. I took a trip to the Buderim Forest Park in Queensland, Eastern Australia and managed to ... »