Recording thunder and lightning sound effects

Thunder and lightning is nature at its best, in my opinion. Growing up in the south on England it was always a rare event to have a thunderstorm that would be talked about the next day. We’d get them, but they were rare, and often passed with only a few strikes. It was not until moving to Australia that I realised what a thunderstorm is and when they come, they hit hard. Turning the night sky into day, is exactly how it can be described and the power of the storm is truly immense. Recording thunderstorm sound effects is a very enjoyable experience, but one that can test your ability to prepare and capture the sound without dangering yourself or others and to get a good sound with no di... »


New releases and upcoming sounds

We’ve just added 76 new free sound effects and have over 200 more to come this week. These include a wide range of new sounds from food to aliens. The latter was inspired by some horror and science fiction movies we watched together over the weekend (partly for brainstorming) and we came up with some concepts. When we are short of ideas, or struggling to find the right sound for something, watching a good movie can help get the creative juices flowing. So while we only added 3 new alien vocalisation sounds today there will be loads more coming tomorrow. Knifes (weapons) One of our members recently emailed us asking if we could record and upload some specific knife sounds. They were wor... »


What are your most used creative DAW effects or processes?

If you’re a sound designer or work with a Digital Audio Workstation on a regular bases it’s likely you’ve mastered a process to work quickly and have your favourite go-to plugins and effects or creative processes. I’ve moved between DAWs over the last few years, starting out in Cool Edit Pro then to Bias Peak, Wavelab and then Adobe Audition (formally CEP, so a bit of a circle on that on). I was asked this very question a while ago and my answer I think was taken as a bit of a surprise. When asked what my most used process was, I stated ‘gain’. By this I didn’t just mean a single effect or process, but I realised that adjusting and manipulating the a... »

Shotgun Microphone

Creative Field Recording: A fantastic online resource

Many of you reading this will have found yourself in the same predicament as I find myself in regularly. That being you’re in need of a new piece of recording gear (maybe a microphone, recorder, headphones or software) and you want to read as many reviews, comparisons and get suggestions as possible from others who’ve used the equipment before parting with your hard-earned cash. Even for those looking to spend just a couple of hundred dollars on a portable recorder, finding expert advice that is non-biased and addresses the concerns you may have is essential. So where do you look? You only have to enter a couple of keywords on YouTube and you’ll no doubt find a few videos f... »

Recording hair cutting sound effects

Latest free sound effects releases: Hair cutting, bicycle brakes, doors and more!

Another week and many more free sound effects have been recorded and added to our library for you to download. As always all these new sounds are available as both mp3 and wav files. Some of the sounds added are from member requests which we’ll detail below. Others were sounds we either realised we were missing or we simply came across and recorded them. Scissors cutting hair This was requested by one of our members as they needed the sound of scissors cutting hair for a project they are working on. At first we just thought we’d take a visit down to the local barbers and record some real hair being cut, however once there we realised it was either too busy or there was too much r... »

Music Studio

Requesting sound effects

Some of you may have noticed we’ve recently launched a Q&A forum where users can post questions about our website, licensing, our sounds and also the ability to request soundfx. So I thought it might be good to write a little blog post about this service just to clarify some of the questions I’ve received recently. Firstly, the requesting sound feature it is a free service, just like the core ethos. We will do our best to create sound effects for you for free and we’ll do our best to do this as quickly as possible. Considering we get thousands of people visiting our website daily and downloading our content, we hope you’ll understand that in some circ... »

Ocean Wave

Scouting locations for long ambient recordings

We’ve been considering making available long recordings of various sounds, such as waves, wind, rain, waterfalls, rivers and streams etc for some time. The reason being we do get asked for these from time to time and also a recent conversation with one of our members made us rethink the idea. While the majority of our users find the 1 or 2 minute ambiences long enough, there are some who need longer recordings. But capturing long recordings can be problematic, especially as many things can interrupt it, including people, animals, traffic etc. So recently we’ve been out scouting some locations for recording these sounds and here is what we’ve found so far: Ocean Last night I... »

Sound Wave

Winner of Zoom H4N announced and new free packs

We’re delighted to announce the winner of our competition to win a Zoom H4N pro audio recorder as our member ‘Scoozor’. We had almost 300 entries in total and our system picked the winner at random. Whizzing its way to the lucky winner is a brand new audio recorder that they tell us will help them get into recording sounds as a hobby. The Zoom H4N Pro is a fantastic little recorder that raises the bar across the portable recorder range. With low-noise pre-amps and well designed circuitry, it packs a punch and produces professional quality sound effects on the go. Thanks to all of you who entered and we will be running more competitions soon so watch this space! New sound ef... »

Footstep in sand

What is Foley?

Foley is one of our biggest categories with a massive selection of different free sound effects to choose from. It ranges from clothing right through to metal and everything in between. A Foley artist is someone who creates and adds the sound live in post production for a film, TV programme etc. They use tools and props to recreate the sound on screen by performing those sounds in post production. This could be by walking on cornstarch to recreate the sound of the on-screen character walking on snow, or the sound of a fishing boat being pushed into the water using an old baby bath in a child’s paddling pool. These sounds and actions are recorded live in sync to what’s happening o... »

Acoustic tile

Make your own portable acoustic wall

As some of you may know, we recently moved to Australia from the UK and part of the move meant we’d leave our old studio behind, leaving us with a bit of a dilemma once we reached the other side. Back in England we had a studio with a small yet functional acoustically treated room. This was the space we used to record our Foley sounds. But once we reached Australia, we suddenly were faced with the problem of no dedicated space to record. This wasn’t an instant issue however as we spent a lot of our time out recording ambiences, rainforests, the sea… the great thing about being somewhere completely new is it opens up lots of new environments and ambiences to record. However ... »