Gold Account Upgrade Terms and Conditions

I appreciate your donation to help me keep a free and growing resource. By making a donation to upgrade to a Gold Account with us, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below:

1) The Agreement

You agree to allow us to debit your nominated PayPal account, bank account, credit or debit card, the fee, the amount chosen by you which entitles you to receive all the benefits of a Gold account on a monthly or yearly recurring basis. We will continue to debit the fee/donation from your account until you cancel it, or instruct us to do so via email. Users who do not cancel a donation subscription shall be deemed to wish to continue their subscription with us until they the member cancels it

2) The Term

The term of this agreement refers to the start date (the initial donation payment) to the end date (the end of the upgraded period once a cancellation of donation subscription has been made).

3) Refunds and Cancellations

We are happy to refund a donation within 24 hours of payment. We require you to email us to request a refund. Refunds of a donation will downgrade your account immediately to a Basic Account and all rights and privileges associated with the Gold Account are revoked. We shall not provide a refund in part or whole for any subscribed month or year outside of the initial donation where the member has not cancelled their subscription.

You are responsible for the cancellation of your donation subscription which you can do here at any time.

We reserve the right to cancel a member’s account with us in the event of a breach of our Website Terms of Use and/or our License Agreement. In the event of such a cancellation, you will not be entitled to a refund of any of the paid donation or donation subscription fee.

4) Gold Account and Sound Usage

Any sound effect or music track downloaded within the Gold account upgrade period can be used attribution/credit free, this attribution removal stays with the sound for life and can be used in unlimited works, even if the user account is downgraded to a Basic account after donation subscription cancellation. Any sound files downloaded after downgrade are once again subject to all terms of our Standard License

You can use sounds downloaded from your Gold Account in works for or works sold to third parties, subject to the terms of our Standard License Agreement.

This agreement covers a single user downloading and editing our sounds on 1 workstation and one back-up device for unlimited projects. Agencies and multi-users must upgrade per user. See below.

5) Agencies and Multi-Users

If you are an agency or want multiple users to download and edit our sounds on multiple workstations from one account, you can upgrade per user here.


If you have any questions relating to this agreement, please contact us.