Contributor agreement

Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributor here at, the fastest growing free sound effect and music library online. By sharing your sounds, you’ll gain valuable exposure to over 11,000 people everyday (and over 350,000 members), your sounds will be used in movies, cartoons, animations, commercials, games and apps and so much more. Putting your sounds and/or brand out there to our audience will give you valuable exposure. We ask that you agree to the following…

Only upload sounds you created or recorded yourself.

You must be the copyright owner on any sound effects you upload. Distributing sound effects (or music) that is owned by someone else is not only illegal, but could land you in legal trouble.

Only upload high quality sounds

We are a library of high quality sound effects and music. Therefore we only accept sounds recorded at a minimum: uncompressed 44.1kHz and 16bit wav files. We prefer higher quality (up to 192kHz  24bit).

You can remove sounds at any time, just let us know

If you decide you want to remove a sound, or all of your sounds, just let us know in an email and we’ll do it within 14 days of receiving the request. We need that time to remove sounds and make sure all links etc are properly removed.

You’ll allow us to receive donations to help grow

We desperately need donations to help cover our growing monthly and yearly costs. Keeping a growing free resource is an expensive task. To enable this to happen, we’ve developed a system…. All sound effects and music are available as .mp3 (but good quality, check them our for yourself) to the general user. If a user wants to download the uncompressed .wav versions of any sound effects here, they must make a monthly or yearly donation (they choose how much) which entitles them to download any or all of the .wavs on We appreciate you allowing us to do this.

You can run promotions for your deals and offers on our website

All contributors can advertise their sound effects for sale, deals and offers etc on other platforms free of charge to our members. We will place such adverts on our busiest pages, giving you up to 80,000 ad views per day. Once you’ve become a contributor, you just need to email us your ad details and we’ll run them for you.