Zapsplat.com is a free sound effects library featuring a high quality range of sound effects by us and our contributors. We aim to help teachers, students, aspiring creatives and anyone else gain access to a range of sound effects for their work, and work alongside a pool of talented sound designers by helping them gain valuable exposure. We currently have 12140 free sound effects to download and add hundreds more each week.

About our free sound effects and music

We simply offer two license types here in ZapSplat.com:

Our Standard Licence covers most of our sound effects and music. This license allows commercial, non-commercial and broadcast use of our sound effects in unlimited applications. Copyright is retained and users are required to attribute this website if they use these sounds, however attribution requirement can be removed with a small, one-time donation (you choose how much). Find out more here.

Our CC0 license (CC0, Creative Commons Zero), places sounds in the Public Domain. These sound effects are free to use without attribution in any application. Find out more here.

Each sound displays the license type it is licensed under below the ‘Download Mp3’ button.