Our free explosion and firework sound effects cover everything from small pops right the way to massive earth shattering explosions, including those with building destruction and much more. From small single firework pops and bangs, launches and fizzes through to massive firework displays. With a mixture of real recorded bangs through to layered and designed elements, we’ve likely got the right explosive sound for your project. We’ve also travelled the world recording many different firework displays at carnivals, new year celebrations and much more. Ideal for a range of uses, from game and app development, filmmakers, animators and so much more, all these sounds are ready for instant download in both mp3 and wav format. Can’t find the right sound for your project? Let us know and we’ll happily try and create it for you. Just check out our Q&A forum in the main menu, post a request and if we can, we’ll get to work on it.

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