Our free warfare library contains a variety of war and weapon sound effects, battles and more. If you’re working on a war movie, game, app or anything else that needs such sounds, you’ll find a wide variety here. We are proud to offer the Firearms Library by Still North Media, which includes hundreds of guns, from rifles to handguns and everything from gunshots (with different recording angles for each shot), loading, cocking, handling and more. We also have their extensive Medieval Weapons library too, which includes swords, battle axes, bow and arrows etc. We’ve free flamethrower sounds, bombs, missiles and loads of other weapons to download. Need the sound of a gunfight or battle? There’s a growing range of these and we’ll be adding more on a regular basis. If you can’t find the sound effect you need, let us know in our Q&A forum and we’ll see if we can create it for you.

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