Industrial sound effects (2449)

Our free industrial sound effects cover everything from factories and warehouses, construction sites, power tools, hand tools, machines, elevators and so much more. Need the sound of a hammer hitting nails into wood? Or maybe a circular saw cutting through wood or metal? Need the sound of a tree being cut down, some farm ambiences or even an old watermill in operation. We’ve got them all and more here. Our sound effects can be mixed together with others to create the absolute perfect sound for your project. For example, if you need a busy construction site with a truck delivering goods in the middle of a city and we don’t have it, you can use our building site ambiences, mix in some of our truck sounds and maybe even add some city ambiences too to create exactly what you need. All our free sound effects are recorded using industry standard microphones, recorders and other equipment and carefully edited in the studio.

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