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Are the previews of your sound effects representative of the main download files?

Yes, the previews on our website represent the same quality and length of the sound effects you will download. However our audio player doesn’t always play very short sounds back and sometimes clips the end of a sound. This isn’t present on the downloaded sounds.


Are your sound effects available to download in any formats other than mp3?

Yes, we offer our sound effects as the original wav files too. However these are only available to Gold Account holders…. those who have upgraded their accounts by making a one time donation. To do this, login and then click the ‘Basic Account’ button at the top of the page and follow the instructions to make the donation and upgrade immediately.


Who owns the copyright on your sounds and can I use them legally?

The sound effects and music tracks available on zapsplat.com are either created by us or by the contributors themselves. We, or our contributors retain the copyright at all times and we grant you a license to use them. As long as you follow the terms and conditions set out in our license agreement then yes you are legally allowed to use our sound effects. We also host a few Creative Commons 0 licensed sounds. These are copyright free and can be used without limitation. However we ask you check the license for each sound you download and use to which a link is present on each sound result just below the Download buttons.


I can’t attribute / credit zapsplat.com in my work, as stated by your Standard License. Can I still use them?

We understand it isn’t always possible to attribute our website as requested in our Standard License, especially for commercials and radio work. You can remove the attribution requirment quickly and easily, by making a one-time small donation of £10 via PayPal. Doing so instantly upgrades your account to a Gold Account. You then never again have to credit our site for using these sounds. You also have access to the original WAV files for all sounds and we remove the 10 second delay between downloading.  Click here for more information


I’m using a Mac and Safari, I click download but the file just opens a media player.

This often occurs for both MP3 and our WAV sound effects. Please right click on the transport bar of the media player and select ‘Download video’ and your sound will download to your computer. We are working on a fix for this now.


What is a Gold Account and what is the difference between a Gold and Basic Account?

When you sign up to be a member at zapsplat.com we create you a Basic account. With a Basic account you can still download as many sound effects and music tracks as you like for free. However those sounds are only available as mp3 files (but high quality) and we have a 10 second delay for downloading each sound file to help preserve bandwidth.

If you make a donation (of any amount), we’ll upgrade your account instantly to Gold. With a gold account sound effects and music can also be downloaded as the original wav files (up to 24-bit, 96kHz) and there is no 10 second delay for downloading, and no download pop-up box either. You also benefit from all future Gold upgrades. For example, soon we’ll give Gold members the option to select sound effects and music and download them in bulk as a zip file.

Want to upgrade? Click here.


What are Points and what are they used for?

Points are free and used to download our free sound effects (1 point = one download). When you registered for your account we gave you loads of points. But you can top up your points for free anytime, or when you run out. To find out more, click here


Can I contribute my sound effects or music to zapsplat.com?

Yes, we always need contributors and by becoming one, you are joining a beautiful and very powerful community. Find out more here!


I still can’t find what I need. Can you recommend any other websites for free sound effects and music?

Sorry you couldn’t find what you needed here. We are a growing resource so please keep checking back or contact us with requests. However we highly recommend you also check out Kevin MacLeod‘s website for more free music and freesound.org for free sound effects!