Jul 23
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215 new free sound effects

A very busy day has just ended with the editing down of 215 new free sound effects which are being uploaded over the next 2 days. Today I released the first batch which I’ll detail below. This week is also busy one as we’ve got a new batch of sounds sent over by Free To Use Sounds, as well as 2 new locations set up for recording. Keep watching this space for more information and check back again tomorrow for the next batch of sound effects.

Cartoon fight vocalisations

This was a request from one of our members who is working on a cartoon animation. In one scene, two characters are seen arguing and fighting and we were asked to produce a set of vocalisations that our member could then synchronize to his project. Rather than produce these sounds to picture, we decided it would be far easier just to create a large set of sounds that would hopefully cover what was required.

Therefore this was a nice and simple job, recording my voice performing the vocal noises. Then I took them into Adobe Audition and pitch shifted the track up by 5 semitones. I also ran a limiter over the audio to level out some of the peaks and then ran my favorite noise reduction plugin, NS1 by Waves.

Check them out here.

Rock and bricks on dirty concrete

Another request here. We have many sounds of rocks and bricks being scraped and dragged over surfaces such as concrete, but this member needed something grittier and dirtier. To achieve this, I simply poured salt rocks over a concrete paving slab and moved the brick and concrete block over it. But it wasn’t dirty enough. So I had to make it more so. I first of all sprinkled some dirt over the area, then some small stones. But I still needed something crunchier underneath. Therefore I found some tiny seed pods that regularly fall from a tree on my road and gathered a couple of handfuls together. Sprinkling these over did the job and they really added a dirty sound.

They are all in our Rock, Stone and Debris category

There are loads of other free sound effects added today, so I suggest you head over to our contributor page to listen to them all. As said earlier, there will be lots more added tomorrow so check back here for more information then.

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I'm the founder of zapsplat.com, creator of a large portion of the sound effects you'll find here. I hope you enjoy the site and sfx ?