Jul 17

71 new free sound effects just added

Today I’ve been working on the backlog of requests that have come through. I’ve been pretty busy recently so apologies to anyone who has requested sounds that have not yet been completed. I am working on them all now.

One of our members has been working on a horror movie and has asked for a large set of specific Foley sounds to help save him some time in post production. So I’ve been helping him out by doing what I can.

Door sounds

One of his requests are specific door sounds that are synchronized to picture. In a scene, a psychotic person is trying to gain access to a room where another is hiding, but behind a locked door. So for these I used a door in my garage which closely matches the type of door in the scene. I simple reenacted the movements of the person trying to open the door. Then once in, I also recorded a few door slams to get the same intensity as in the scene.

The other sounds requested were door knocks, where a policeman knocks on the door when investigating the disappearance of the lead character. The particular door is a solid wood front door with a small single pane window. It was the glass window that the policeman was knocking on, so after visiting a few friends, I found a similar door and was able to recreate some knocks for the scene.

These door sounds and thousands of others can all be found in our Doors category.

Evil ‘You’

One of our members requested the sound of a demonic male voice saying ‘you’. They provided me with an example, which I used to recreate five versions. These sounds are simply me saying ‘you’ into the microphone in a deep menacing voice. Then in Adobe Audition, I used the stock pitchshifter to bring it down by a few semitones. I then reversed the files and added a very small stereo reverb and reversed the file back. This reversed reverb technique works really well for horror voices and other sound design elements and is worth experimenting with in your DAW if you’re looking to create a similar effect.

Trampoline bounces

My daughter was bouncing on a trampoline the other day and was desperate for me to come watch her. Realising this was a great opportunity to record the sound, I grabbed my Sony PCM D100 handheld recorder set it up underneath the trampoline with the microphone capsules pointing right up to where she was jumping. These sounds were great, but there was some audible noise in the background from someone mowing their lawn. It was far enough away that the noise was manageable using Waves NS1 noise suppressor plugin. I find this particular plugin a fantastic tool for quick, no nonsense noise reduction and is well worth the small price if you can afford it.

I’ll be taking my new MixPre 6 by Sound Devices out for a spin on Thursday this week so there will be loads of new nature ambiences uploaded Friday.

About The Author

I'm the founder of zapsplat.com and professional sound designer. I provide free sound effects for games, TV, radio, filmmaking, podcasts, YouTube and more. You can download all my sounds free as mp3 and wav files here at ZapSplat.

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