Nov 16

A Big Welcome to Detunized

We’re very happy to welcome our latest contributor Detunized to Zapsplat with a contribution of 25 sound effects. I first came across Detunized when I discovered their Abandoned shelters library, which, at the time of writing this article, is on sale at A Sound effect.  I was impressed by the atmosphere the sounds generate. Check out the demo and listen to the metal creepily swinging in the wind. So I’m personally very pleased they decided to come on board.

There are three ways contributors can present sounds to Zapsplat. They can either give us a few sounds from many libraries to give us an idea of the breadth of material they cover, they can custom-make sounds for Zapsplat, either to fulfill sound requests our users post or just to raise awareness of their skills, or they can zoom in on one subject and help us get to know their craftsmanship by showing how they deal with that subject. Detunized has initially opted for the third way, giving us 25 sounds from a 1974 Ford “Knudsen” Taunus.

These sounds really showcase the attention to detail that is Detunized’s stock-in-trade. There are, of course starts and stops, the car maneuvering etc as you might expect, but this pack goes far beyond that to include much more obscure, harder to come by sounds such as the car window being wound by hand, the car hood, the heater switches and dashboard clock, the seat back-rest, the trunk, keys in locks. There are even worn steering gear joints and noises from shifting linkage. Try typing that into your library search of choice and see how many results you get. Incidentally, it sounds like this.

And if that’s not enough, the engine is recorded idling from various perspectives including the valve cover and exhaust, and the car is recorded in various environments including an underground garage and a parking lot. There are sequences such as the driver getting in and starting the engine.

In short, if you need your character to be driving a particular car, why not pick this one. If your project doesn’t require a 1974 car, much of the Foley will be transferable without anyone being any the wiser.

This contribution makes an excellent and in-depth addition to our vehicles category so thanks once again to Detunized for the sounds. Be sure to check out their commercial releases, which include instruments for musicians and much more!

About The Author

Justin Macleod is a sound designer based in the UK who runs SkyClad Sound. You can check out his sound effects here at and follow him on Twitter @SkycladSound

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