ZapSplat Affiliate Program Agreement

By becoming an authorised Affiliate of, you’re able to earn commissions for every person you refer to our service. In doing so, by applying and upon acceptance to the Program, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions set out in this Agreement.


Us/Our: ZapSplat Pty Ltd

You/Your: The persons applying to join the ZapSplat Affiliate Program

By applying to join our Affiliate Program and upon being accepted, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.


1. Approval or rejection of your application

Approval or rejection of any Application to join our Affiliate Program is at the sole discretion of us or our team. While we will make best efforts to explain reasons behind any rejection, we are not required to provide a reason and you have no legal recourse against us if we reject your application.


2. Termination

We reserve the right to terminate your Affiliate Program account and ongoing participation in the Program if you violate the Terms of this Agreement, and/or for any of the following reasons:

  • Placing your Affiliate link or promoting us on any website or other resource participating in illegal activities, spamming via mass posting on online forums, mass unsolicited email mail-outs, hacking or illegally obtaining access to any other resource.
  • You MUST include a statement alongside any referral link to us that you post stating you are promoting us as part of an Affiliate scheme as required by Law.
  • You CANNOT refer yourself to our Affiliate Program to receive a discounted upgrade to our service.

You may terminate your Affiliate account and active status with us at anytime. So long as you have not breached any of the Terms of this Agreement, upon cancellation or termination, we will hold any revenues earned by you and make a final payment on the next monthly payment cycle.


3. Commissions

We will pay you any earned revenue from your Affiliate activities once a month during week one of each month, subject to you meeting a minimum account balance of £10 GBP. You are required to provide on request an invoice to us before payments will be made to you.

You will earn 50% of any initial subscription payment made by your referral and 50% on any subsequent monthly or yearly recurring subscription. If someone you refer receives a refund or chargeback on any referral payment, the refunded or cancelled commission will not be paid to you. If someone you refer fails to pay their initial or subsequent recurring referral payment, you will not be entitled to receive any revenue from these failed payments.


4. Tracking Cookies

We place a 90 day tracking cookie on the device of anyone you refer to us. If the person you refer upgrades their account on our website within the 90 day period the cookie is active, you will earn a commission on that sale. After the 90 day cookie expires, you are not entitled to receive any monetary commission on that sale, or any recurring sales thereafter.


5. Liability

We are not responsible for any loss of revenue due to date loss, database errors, Affiliate tracking errors or any other action that results in failure to track or sustain the Affiliate Program.

We make no claim that our Affiliate Program, our service or our website will be error free or sustain any interruptions of accessibility.


6. Indemnification

You the Affiliate shall indemnify and hold harness ZapSplat Pty Ltd from any and all liabilities, claims, fines, judgments, costs, losses and expenses that arise from or are related to all claims relating to this Agreement.


7. Terms of this Agreement

We reserve the right to make changes to this Agreement at anytime and you agree to abide by any changes which will be communicated in writing to you. If you do not wish to continue as an Affiliate with ZapSplat, you can terminate your account with us in writing at any time.


8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Australia.


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