Jul 18

Another day and 83 new free sound effects just added

We’ve just uploaded a new batch of free sound effects to our library which you can download now. They include a range of Foley sounds of which just a few are listed below…


While we have loads of cardboard sounds in the library, there are always some we are missing. I spent the morning browsing other online sfx libraries to get some ideas on where we fall short and then went and recorded more. First up were some finger rubs and scratches. These may sound strange but it seems the sound of a person’s finger running across cardboard, scratching it and picking at it are popular. Then there was the sound of a heavy cardboard box being placed down on the ground. For this I took a small cardboard box and loaded it with heavy plastic items, from toys through to appliances.


Paper is another category where we have loads of sound effects already but there are many we have yet to add. While we have hundreds of handling, rips and other sounds, we didn’t have the sound of paper being sliced open with a knife, heavy impacts, thick paper folding and others. We do now and they are all available to download in our paper category.

Business cards

These were recorded purely because I found a wad of business cards in a small box sat on my wife’s desk. We also didn’t have any of these in the library so I recorded a range of movements, shakes, set downs and flick throughs. They are all in our office category.

Door creaks

Okay so this category on our site does already contain a large number of door creaks, but as any field recordist will tell you, if you come across a creaking door, you just have to record it. These creaks came from an old antique cupboard I recorded and then pitched down. The reason they were pitched down was to give them a heavier, larger sound.

Dining chair drags

Lastly I was asked recently if I could add some more chair drags and scrapes across various floor types. So to start off, I’ve recorded the sound of a metal dining chair dragging across a wooden floor. I’ll add others soon.

About The Author

I'm the founder of zapsplat.com, creator of a large portion of the sound effects you'll find here. I hope you enjoy the site and sfx ?