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Get 25% OFF Monthly / Yearly Upgrades or a Lifetime Upgrade

The season of sales is here and, for the first time, Zapsplat is getting involved. To make up for lost time, we’re launching not one, but two sales. For a very limited time, we are offering you 25% discount on our Monthly and our Yearly upgrades or you can grab a Lifetime upgrade for just £120 (pay once and stay upgraded forever)

At Zapsplat, we believe in making high-quality, royalty-free sound effects and music affordable for content creators everywhere, no matter the budget. The thing is, people use sound effects in very different ways and have very different needs. They tell us “you can’t please everyone”, but we mean to give it our best shot! So what do people need and how can we help?

The Professional’s Secret Weapon

For some people, sound effects are everything – meat and potatoes, bread and butter. To a freelance sound designer looking for the next client, if you’re involved in a long-term project, if sound is your career, you can never have enough sound effects and music tracks to impress clients and keep things sounding fresh. That’s why we keep our library growing. So, for you dedicated pros out there, for a single, one-off payment of just £120, you can have full, unlimited, permanent access to ZapSplat’s Gold library. However large it grows, however long you need it for, enjoy unfettered access to the best bang for buck sound library on the internet.

Five years ago, we had just 20,000 or so sound effects, now, we’re at 114,000 sound effects and climbing fast. Where will we be in another five years. Wherever it is, starting Friday and ending midnight Australia time on Cyber Monday, you can be there too, letting clients know just how many project-ready sound effects you have in your back pocket to enrich their projects.

A Bit of What you Fancy

Other people just need a sound here and there. Perhaps you’re a student working on a short film for your course. Perhaps you’re creating jingles for a podcast. Perhaps you need a gun-shot for your hiphop track and simply want a month’s Gold membership because you can’t provide attribution on your streaming platforms of choice. Once the project’s done, you don’t necessarily need to stay subscribed. We get it. Not everyone is as mad about all things sounds as we are. Perhaps you might even think that £120 for a handful of sounds isn’t such a great deal. Gasp! So, we came up with something else that we are sure will be far more appealing.

From Friday 25th November EXTENDED until the end of Tuesday 29th November, same as the other sale, we’re offering 25% off our monthly Gold subscription price (just £3 per month or £22.50 per year). So now, instead of paying a little, you can pay less!

This isn’t for the first month or the first three months or whatever. This is for as long as you keep your subscription active. As long as you need something from us, we want to offer it at a slashed price.

What if I’m an Existing Subscriber?

Come one, come all. These deals are open to anyone that wants them, new member or long-time veteran, casual user or one-person production house. So get it while the getting’s good. Sign up and save at a time when every saving counts and we hope you enjoy the content you get as a result. We look forward to helping your projects reach the next level and, if you need anything, be sure to reach out via our contact form and we’ll be happy to help!

Be quick, these prices won’t last long!

Use code: ZAP25 on checkout

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Remember, you must credit us/provide attribution when using our sounds/music in your work. An example would be:

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Basic members can only download 3 sounds every 15 minutes to save bandwidth

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  • Unlimited downloads
  • Removal of the attribution requirement
  • Ad free
  • Pro quality sounds (get the wavs too)
  • Thousands of extra sounds
  • Lists, more results per page & more

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