Cancelling gold memberships

We recently had to change the software that managed Gold account donation subscriptions. As such, if you own a Gold account with us that was upgraded before 20th February 2018 and wish to cancel the subscription, you will need to contact us so we can cancel it for you so no further payments are taken from your PayPal account or Credit/Debit card.

Or if you upgraded via PayPal, you can cancel it yourself if you follow the steps below (or contact us).


If you used PayPal to upgrade your account, simply follow the instructions below to cancel the donation subscription:

1) Login to the PayPal account you used to make the donation

2) Go to ‘Settings’ then click ‘Payments’

3) Under ‘Manage your Payments’ click ‘Manage Payments’

4) Click ‘Cancel Profile’ on the Zapsplat payment profile.


Credit and Debit Cards

Please contact us so we can cancel this for you.