Interview: Soundbites with SoundBits

SoundBits has contributed some great sound effects to Zapsplat (which you can download an use for free here) and the thing about their content is you never know what’s coming next. Their libraries span the full range from the cinematic, gruesome and sinister to Foley and human vocalizations. First up, here’s a demo for just some of their content:  So when I heard that they released a ... »

Combustion sound effects library

Interview: Sound Designer Stosh Tuszynski of Collected Transients

Collected Transients is a company with a well-deserved reputation for producing ground-breaking, innovative and dangerous sound effects libraries and their latest release, “Combustion”, which has just come out and is currently on sale, certainly ticks all those boxes. Featuring everything that burns from hazardous chemicals to a 25-foot cannon, it contains vast sound design potential. ... »