We always need contributors of high quality sound effects and production music to help us grow If you’re the owner of sound effects and you are wanting to join our community of sound designers, please get in touch. You retain all copyrights and we make sure our users follow our licensing.

By contributing your free sound effects, you’ll be helping the resource grow, become an even more valuable free sound effect library while helping us make even more charitable donations. also donates to charity when we can, so the bigger and better we become, the more good we can do together.


What do you get back in return?

Everyone involved with benefits in some way. Our users get access to a wide range of free sound effects, only making a donation if they want the .wav versions and to remove the attribution requirement.

Our contributors benefit in a number of ways… Firstly by becoming part of something beautiful, a community resource that helps so many. With thousands of people visiting and using each day, your sounds expose you to a powerful audience, who will in turn want to know more about you, visit your website and if you have a store, maybe even buy from it. We also publish a link to your account so that our members can show their appreciation in the form of a donation to you too!


Contact us to find out more about contributing your sound