Frequently asked questions

I’ve just upgraded to Gold but my account is still showing as Basic

Once you’ve upgraded to Gold, your account will be upgraded automatically and instantly. If your account is still Basic after upgrade, please refresh your browser (hit the F5 key on your keyboard). We use a caching system and on the rare occasion, your internet browser shows the old cached data. A quick refresh will sort this issue out. Obviously, any issues, just contact us and we’ll sort it asap.

Can I make a donation to say thanks?

Yes, you can. If you just want to make a donation to help us out (that’d be awesome) and not upgrade (you may have already upgraded but we always need further donations) then via PayPal you can use our PayPal email which is: Any amount you donate will really help.  

I want to donate and upgrade, how can I pay?

We accept PayPal (and Debit/Credit cards through PayPal) for donations to upgrade. PayPal handles all secure payment details for any payments through their system.

Why do I need to wait 30 minutes to cancel a donation after making one?

When making a recurring donation to upgrade with us, PayPal sometimes takes a few minutes to mark the payment active. If you decide you want to cancel your donation with us straight away and before PayPal has done this, it’s possible the payment profile won’t cancel in PayPal. So by waiting 30 minutes, this gives PayPal enough time to process and activate your donation. You can cancel the donation anytime after this 30 minutes safe in the knowledge that no further donation payments will be taken. You can of course cancel the payment profile anytime in PayPal itself. Obviously we ...

Can you provide me with an invoice for my upgrade purchase?

Yes, if you’ve upgraded to a Gold account, you can view, download and print your invoice form the Manage Donations page. To download an invoice, click on the ‘print’ icon, then select ‘save as PDF’.

How can I reset my account password?

You can reset your password in your Account Profile. However if you can’t remember your password and can’t login, you can request a reset password link via email by clicking here.  

I can’t download a sound, why?

Firstly, you need a free account to download our sound effects. Head over to our registration page and register first. If you already have an account and you’ve logged in, but are still having issues, it’s possible you need to clear browser cookies. To clear cookies just for, the easiest way is to click the green ‘lock’ icon in your browser address bar when visiting, then click ‘cookies’ and look for something like ‘clear site data’. Or follow the instructions below, depending on the browser you use: Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Edge Opera Still need help, get ...

If I donate and upgrade, does my account become Gold instantly?

Yes, as soon as you’ve made a successful donation, your account is automatically upgraded to Gold. It’ll remain upgraded until you cancel the monthly or yearly donation (after which it will be downgraded to Basic again and no further donations taken).

What is a Gold Account and what is the difference between a Gold and Basic Account?

When you sign up to be a member at we create you a Basic account. With a Basic account you can still download as many sound effects and music tracks as you like for free. However those sounds are only available as mp3 files (but high quality) and there is a 10 minute delay after every 3 sounds downloaded to help preserve bandwidth. You are also required to credit us if you use our sounds.   If you make a small monthly or yearly donation (you choose how much and cancel anytime), we’ll upgrade your account instantly to Gold. ...

Can I upgrade to Gold for more than one user?

Yes, we now give you the option to upgrade your account for multiple users. This allows you to make one recurring payment that covers as many users as you like. Users must login through one / the upgraded account. You can cancel this at anytime. Currently it’s not possible to remove users from the subscription without cancelling it and starting a new subscription.

Can I delete my account on

Yes, you can delete your account at anytime which will permanently delete all data stored in our system. You can delete your account in your Account Profile, click here.