Frequently asked questions

Who owns the copyright on your sounds and can I use them legally?

The sound effects and music tracks available on are either created by us or by the contributors themselves. We, or our contributors retain the copyright at all times and we grant you a license to use them. As long as you follow the Terms and Conditions set out in our license agreement then yes you are legally allowed to use our sound effects. We also host a few Creative Commons 0 licensed sounds. These are copyright free and can be used without limitation. However we ask you check the license for each sound you download and use to which a link is clearly displayed on each sound result.

I’ve received a YouTube Content ID Claim. What now?

Every sound effect and music track on is 100% royalty free and legal for you to use. We only add content that either we created, or was contributed by the creator, copyright owner or authorized distributor, so you can feel safe using our audio content.

However YouTube content ID claims can happen, although not often. We know how frustrating it can be to receive a claim so we are here to help you. Here is what you need to know and what you need to do to get the claim resolved swiftly.

Why do claims happen?

When someone creates a sound effect or piece of music, they own the copyright. The copyright stays with the audio, even if it's released as royalty-free. Royalty free means the copyright owner has waived the right to earn royalties when the audio is performed publicly.

Some copyright owners distribute their material via several platforms, so zapsplat might not be the only platform those sounds or music can be downloaded from. They also might assign a company to handle their copyrights, who in turn may register them on their behalf.  This is where YouTube's content ID system can scan a video, find a piece of music and trigger the claim.

If this happens, your video will most likely be flagged and you'll receive the claim with the option to dispute it.

Firstly, if this happens, contact us straight away. We'll require the following info from you:

  1. Contact us with your YouTube channel name/link, your legal name and details of the ID claim (company name and contact details).
  2. We will send you the relevant information described above to help you get the claim resolved.
  3. We will also contact the claimant and ask for the claim to be removed and video released.
  4. File the dispute making sure to attach the files we send you.

We can't guarantee to get every claim resolved, but we usually do.

Can I edit a sound file?

Yes, you can edit a sound file to match your needs. For example, you might need to change the pitch, crop or loop one of our sounds to fit your project. You'll likely be mixing our sound files with others to build layered ambiences, or more complex sounds for your work. This is all fine. However you can not claim that the edited sound file is a new sound and sell it, add it to a library or redistribute it in any way. The original copyright is still retained by us or our contributors and the sound is still licensed to you for your use.

Can I use your sound effects and music in a YouTube Video?

Yes you can. Even if you monetise the video through ads, you can still use them. You must adhere to our License agreement if you do.

Does the attribution removal on a sound stay with the sound if I don’t renew my Gold membership?

Yes, any sounds you download while your account is Gold retain the attribution removal privilege for life. So you (and you only) can continue to use those sounds in future projects without attribution (but you’re still subject to the other terms in the License Agreement). If you cancel your monthly or yearly donation and it returns to Basic, you are required to upgrade again if you want attribution removal and access to the wav files for any sounds downloaded and used thereafter.

Can I use your sound effects in my music tracks?

Yes, you can use our sound effects in your music tracks.

Do I need to credit you for sounds under CC0 1.0 Universal License?

No. Any sound effects (or music) in our library Licensed under the CC0 1.0 Universal License can be used free of attribution for any member (Basic or Gold). These sounds are essentially in the public domain and you can use them as you wish. We only feature a small range of CC0 1.0 Licensed sounds (just a few hundred) and added them to fill some gaps of sounds we don't yet have. Check the license type for any of our sounds on each sound result. The majority of our sounds are released under our Standard License which does require attribution for Basic members.

How do I add a credit if I use your sounds or music in my project?

If you're a Basic member you have to credit us if you use our sound effects or music in your work. You can remove this requirement by making a small donation (you choose how much) here. Donations help grow the site and are pumped back in to development.

How you add this credit is up to you, but please make sure our web address is added in this format:

Some suggestions as to how you might credit us can be found here.

Please make sure to place the credit in a visible place so people know where to find us. Examples of where people often place them is in the YouTube video description, game or app credits page, movie end credits etc.

Thank you.

I can’t attribute / credit in my work, as stated by your Standard License. Can I still use them?

We understand it isn’t always possible to credit / attribute our website as requested in our Standard License, especially for commercials and radio work. You can remove the attribution requirement quickly and easily, by donating and upgrading to a Gold account (you choose how much and cancel anytime). Doing so instantly upgrades your account to a Gold Account and you won’t have to credit our site for using our sounds. You also have access to the original WAV files for all sounds, extra free sounds just for Gold members, we remove the 10 minute delay after every 3 sounds downloaded and more.

How long does the license last for a sound or music file?

The License we offer lasts for life, as long as you adhere to our Agreement.

I’m confused about copyright and licensing. Can you explain this to me?

We have many members here at from various industries and at different levels of expertise. While some have an in-depth knowledge of copyright and licensing, we understand for others, it can be a bit daunting. Therefore we've written an article that hopefully explains what copyright and audio licensing is, the difference between the two and why they're important.

You can read the article here.


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