I can’t find the sounds or music I need, can you create them for me?

Yes, I am happy to work on requests for custom sound effects and music. If you can’t find what you need, you can post your request in our forum. While I’ll do my best to work on them all for free, sometimes I’m busy and it may take a while to get round to them. Sometimes I’ll miss them or miss your replies to comments etc, please don’t take this personally. I’ll always do my best 🙂



Are the previews of your sound effects representative of the main download files?

Yes, the previews on our website represent the same quality and length of the sound effects you will download. However our audio player doesn’t always play very short sounds back and sometimes clips the end of a sound. This isn’t present on the downloaded sounds.


Are your sound effects available to download in any formats other than mp3?

Yes, we offer our sound effects as the original wav files too. However these are only available to Gold Account holders…. those who have upgraded their accounts by making a small donation (you choose how much). To do this, login and then click the ‘Basic Account’ button at the top of the page and follow the instructions to make the donation and upgrade immediately.


Can I use your sound effects and music in a YouTube Video?

Yes you can. Even if you monetise the video through ads, you can still use them. You must adhere to our License agreement if you do.


I can see sound results with a gold / orange background colour. What are these?

We add hundreds of free sound effects to the library every week. We also add loads of extra free sound effects exclusively for our Gold members too as a thank you for donating / upgrading and supporting our website. These exclusive sounds have a gold background colour.

Gold sound result

Only Gold members will see these sound results. If you want to access them too, you can by donating and upgrading. Click here for more information.


When I press the download button the sound doesn’t download, a media player opens instead.

This used to be an issue for Safari users and in some older no longer updated browsers (such as Internet Explorer). However we have now updated our download system to work on all browsers. We’ve tested downloads across all major browsers on PC, Mac, Android and iOS, however if you experience any issues, please let us know straight away so we can investigate and fix it.