I’ve received a YouTube Content ID Claim. What now?

Not often, but it can happen that one of our sound effects or music tracks has been used in a YouTube video and their system has flagged the copyright as owned by the publisher of the video. If you then use one of our sound effects or music tracks that have been flagged in this way, you’ll receive a Content ID Claim.


If this happens, it’s normally sorted quickly, but there are a few things we need to do to…


  1. You need to file a dispute against the claim on YouTube making sure you include a link to the sound file(s) on our website and mention that the sound was downloaded via our License Agreement.
  2. Email me (Alan) at contact@zapsplat.com with your YouTube channel name/link, your legal name and details of the ID claim (company name and contact details).


I can then also contact the company involved and hopefully ensure a swift resolution. However although this Content ID Claim is a rare occurrence, if you do find this happen to you, a resolution can take hours to days to complete and you won’t be able to publish your video until it is resolved.