What is a Gold Account and what is the difference between a Gold and Basic Account?

When you sign up to be a member at zapsplat.com we create you a Basic account. With a Basic account you can still download as many sound effects and music tracks as you like for free. However those sounds are only available as mp3 files (but high quality) and we have a 10 second delay for downloading each sound file to help preserve bandwidth. You are also required to credit us if you use our sounds.

If you make a small donation (you choose how much), we’ll upgrade your account instantly to Gold. With a Gold account, sound effects and music can also be downloaded as the original wav files (up to 24-bit, 96kHz), you do not need to credit us when you use our sounds, there is no 10 second delay for downloading, and no download pop-up box either. You also benefit from all future Gold upgrades. For example, soon we’ll give Gold members the option to select sound effects and music and download them in bulk as a zip file.

Want to upgrade? Click here.