Known bugs and issues

Thanks to our users reporting issues through our Forum, we are able to address most problems with our website and service quickly. However there are some issues which we know about and plan to fix. Below is a list of all known bugs and issues with some notes about planned fixes.

Known Issues


  • Accessibility: We are aware that there are some accessibility issues for users who use screen readers with our Lists feature for Gold members. We need to add proper labels and, or text placeholders into the text fields for the list functionality.

Status: We plan to resolve this issue on the next round of development in March 2018

  • Some files not downloading as mp3 or wav in Firefox: Some Firefox users have experienced certain sound effects not downloading as mp3 or wav files. This issue only affects a very small number of sounds, those that have a space in the filename. You can simple add the .mp3 or .wav extension by editing the filename/adding the .mp3 or .wav extension to the end of the downloaded file to correct this issue.

Status: This issue will be fixed in March 2018


There are currently no other known issues. You can report any problems with our website here.