Known bugs and issues

Thanks to our users reporting issues through our Forum, we are able to address most problems with our website and service quickly. However there are some issues which we know about and plan to fix. Below is a list of all known bugs and issues with some notes about planned fixes.


There are currently no known issues. You can report any problems with our website here.

Recently fixed issues


Issues downloading in Safari

Users of Safari on Mac will notice our sound effects and music files often open in a media player window rather than downloading. This is an bug with the download attribute we use to trigger downloads. While this feature is supported by Chrome and Firefox on Mac, Safari have addressed it but only in versions 10.1+. However even then we still see issues. There are two ways to get round this error: Firstly you can right click directly over the media player play bar and select ‘download video’ which will allow the file to download normally. Or you can simply switch to Chrome or Firefox.

Status: FIXED: This issue was fixed on Monday 15th January 2018

Accessibility issues with screen readers

We are aware that there is an accessibility issue with downloading wav files for Gold members who are using a screen reader. This is due to there being a fallback feature in place for older browser versions that refuse to download our sounds. This may be fixed within the above download system update, however we won’t know until we test this. If not, it’s next on our development list.

Status: FIXED: This issue was fixed on Monday 15th January 2018