Latest Feedback

With more great feedback rolling in, I wanted to share them here, so here is what our members and visitors have been saying to us this month.

I am so thrilled to learn of your wonderful service! I am creating a number of Podcasts based on my novels and I will be using your great sound effects to help tell the story. I will also give you credit at the end of the presentation. And I look forward to donating to you the moment we begin to see even a teeny profit from our efforts. Thank you for helping me launch this exciting venture by providing the best sound effects I’ve found anywhere else on the Internet.

Esther Luttrell

I was told about you from a colleague and just had to come check you out. I found your website very impressive and the volume of sound effects is just incredible. I don’t know how you do it, but all I ask is you keep going. The best soundfx resource online, hands down.

Andrew Hartley

Hello, I’m currently teaching film and media production to a rather enthusiastic bunch of kids and just wanted to let you know I have pointed them all in the direction of Before I found you, I was having to share collections of sounds I created (not very many either) or encourage the children to make their own. While I still push them to make their own, it’s brilliant that they can log into your site and download sounds so freely, which is also teaching them how to use the internet for research and finding resources. They also are learning about attribution and properly crediting sources, so you’ve helped me out on that one too.

Adalrik Larsen

Thank you all at zapsplat for making and sharing these music tracks. I’m making a series of short animations and was struggling to find music for them. I particularly like the song ‘Cheeky Monkey’ which is being used in several of the animations. I’d love you to add more of this style of music, but that’s just a request in the hope you one day can. Ciao

Ivan M

let me know thoughts good or bad via email. Your feedback is vital in making sure provides a useful service.

I'm the founder of, creator of a large portion of the sound effects you'll find here. I hope you enjoy the site and sfx 🙂