Dec 14

Latest releases: aliens, game voices, male screams and more

Lots of new free sound requests have been completed and uploaded this week and I am continuing to work on more in the lead up to Christmas, so if there is a sound we don’t have that you need, let me know via our Q&A forum and I’ll do my best to create it for you.

Here are just a few of the requests completed this week and new sound effects added to the library:


This was an interesting one because although there are a lot of alien soundfx in the library, this user needed some particular sounding vocalisations, screams and growls. She needed something verging on comical, but still with an edge of mystery and slight sinisterness.

To achieve the desired sound, I first recorded my voice. But I didn’t just record the sound of myself growling, screaming and speaking, I recorded the sound you make when you scream while breathing air back in, rather than out. Try it for yourself, it’s a totally different sound.

Next I took the recorded performances and double tracked it in an Adobe Audition multitrack session. I used the stock pitch shifting plugin to pitch the first track down a couple of semi-tones, and the second track a couple more. This gave the classic alien sound (almost Mr Blobby for those in the UK who know what I am talking about) that can be heard in many movies and cartoons etc.

Lastly to complete the effect, I added a wide chorus effect and then edited out each vocalisation, growl and scream. Listen to them yourself and use them free. You can get them here.

Game Over voice

A user posted a request in out Q&A forum for a voice that says ‘Game Over’, which without further info I assume meant they needed it for a game. I included a few variations, mainly just me saying it in either my English accent, or with a slight American twang. I pitched it down slightly to give it more of an edge and uploaded them to the library. If you want to also use them, just do a search for ‘Game Over’. I also added some other game voices such as ‘Finish Him’ in case these are needed by anyone.


I noticed that we didn’t have too many male screams in the library (or female for that matter, so I’ll be adding some more very soon) so decided to record and add more. These are just me screaming as if I am experiencing pain. There are a few different variations, from more grunt like sounds to full screams. They are available for free download as mp3 or wav files here.

Wooden train tracks

This was a request that came through via email. A member requested the sound of wooden toy train track pieces in a plastic box being moved around, dropped and a few other actions. Luckily for me (and them) my kids have a whole load of these toy train tracks so I was able to easily record these sounds. They are also perfect for other wood sounds (such as construction materials) but they are in the Toy category if needed.

That’s it for now, today I’ll be recording lots of new free sound effects, including paper airplanes, cartoon voices, knife sharpeners, stone scrapes and more.

About The Author

I'm the founder of and professional sound designer. I provide free sound effects for games, TV, radio, filmmaking, podcasts, YouTube and more. You can download all my sounds free as mp3 and wav files here at ZapSplat.

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