More recent feedback

In another round of feedback, here are some of the comments you’ve made to us in the last few weeks. I really appreciate the feedback (good or bad). The good makes us realise that we’re providing a useful service and that bad keeps us on our toes, helping us improve. So please do let us know your thoughts. Send an email to

First of all, thank you to Alan and the team at who have provided a wonderful service, a truly remarkable set of sound effects set out in an ultra organized fashion. The library really is a treasure trove of audio and browsing through, you get a sense that over many years, Alan has spent his time under, over and on top of anything that makes a noise, cataloguing them and uploading them to create something special.

I’m a recent film school graduate and I found in my last year while working on my final short. For a student like me at the time, finding and having access to such a detailed set of sounds was a real game changer. Having sound effects on tap, with quick, high quality previews and being able to download both the lower and higher quality sounds (I upgraded) helped my workflow and get work completed to the deadline. I’ll certainly continue to use zapsplat into my professional career as this is on-par (if not better) than some of the commercial libraries out there and I’ll be recommending you to all I work with.

Thank you to Alan and all at zapsplat!

-Annabel Thorpe

Where’s the catch? There isn’t a catch. I can only highly recommend this website and it’s sound effects. If like me you just want a free sounds without any catch, this is the place for you. I use the site every day and in fact, I no longer go anywhere else. Everything I have needed so far has been here.

-Martin Thatcher

Thanks to for the free sfx and also for the support. I got stuck downloading and really needed the sounds for my work and Alan replied to my email within an hour and helped me out. Turns out it was my web browser, so a quick change to another and I was all sorted. Thanks again.


Wow, 17,000 sfx. I needed the sound of a bird hatching and found it here. I didn’t think I would so kudos to you. Loving the new layout changes to the soundfx results which seem to also have improved the loading time for the previews. I’d love to see the option to increase the number of results per page for searches and categories if you guys think that’s a good idea, I think many of your users will too. Hats off to all the peeps that bring us these sounds, you guys rock!

-Ian Archer

This site was recommended to me by a friend and so far I’m loving it. Excellent range of sounds, laid out in an intuitive manner and high quality files. Keep up the good work and thank you.

– Anonymous