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New free royalty free music track uploaded: Ultimatum

I just finished composing the latest royalty free music track and uploaded it to the library. I’ve been working on loads of different musical genres recently, but this one was a little bit of a throw back to my younger days. I used to be a DJ in my hometown of Brighton, UK, and while my main love was for funky disco house, I’d occasionally play some harder stuff.

I started working on ‘Ultimatum’ mainly as a loop. I wasn’t sure of the direction of the piece, whether it was going to be a progressive trance track or more of an electronic house track. But as I added more and more instrumentation and synth elements, it quickly became the electronic house track that it is. The track starts off as a simple synth loop and drums that builds with more electronic elements added as the music progresses. The progression is slow with several points in the track that lead into a break and then build back up. I deliberately didn’t throw in complicated riffs and elements into the music as I wanted to keep it fairly minimal as the whole point of our range of music is they are suitable for media use. I also extended the looping section in the middle of the track to double what I normally would so that users can loop sections as background music if they wish.

Take a listen here and if you like it, feel free to download and use it in your projects.

I’ve lots more royalty free music being worked on right now and will upload more soon.

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