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New free sound effects just added

We’ve been busy today recording loads of new free sound effects in our studio and are still sweating it out now editing them all down. It’s amazing sometimes just how many sounds can be created from the everyday objects you find around the home.

A fantastic example of this is the latest Balloon sound effects we uploaded today. From just one cheap balloon (that my daughter got in a party bag) we recorded the obligatory blowing up and deflating sounds (of course), but also modelling balloon twists, squeaks and movements right through to comedy impacts.

Next we took some common kitchen utensils. By swishing a whisk through the air and recording it close up, we created the sound of knife swishes. We’ll upload those tomorrow.

And finally, last night we didn’t quite manage to finish the entire bottle of wine (not feeling well, obviously) so we decided we just had to record ourselves opening it again.

You can check out all our free sound effects by category here.

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