May 17

New free sound effects: waterfalls and creeks

The Buderim Forest Park is a beautiful forest nestled at the heart of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. The park features tall palm and gum trees shading a meandering creek that runs from a waterfall at the northern edge, down through to the southern. Our mission for this recording session, come away with a set of free waterfall and creek sound effects for you to download.

On the day we arrived there was (typically) some grass cutting going on at the entrance to the park. We’re not talking a guy with a lawnmower… Nope, this was a couple of guys with industrial mowers, weed whackers and leaf blowers. Undeterred we ventured into the forest, but having to go a little deeper to get away from the noise. We also were a little annoyed to find that traffic from the motorway also could be heard. This was dealt with by having to go even further in, but it wasn’t a major problem to be honest.

Recording a creek

Once we got away from all the noise we set up our recorder and got as many variations of the creek as we could. The great thing about this forest is that the creek changes at every corner. Some sections feature deeper faster flowing water and others, slower shallower sections. We were able to get a few variations of each, such as close up, distant etc. You can check them out here

People were another slight issue, as being a public park, even though we’d chosen a fairly quiet time of day, the odd walker came by but nothing that stopped our day of recording. Unfortunately when we made it up to the main waterfall at the north of the walk, a couple of people where playing around in the water laughing and having fun (how dare they) and as such we decided to go back another day for the main waterfall.

Back in the edit we had to do very little to the recordings to get them ready for publishing. We did a little EQ on some just to remove some low-end, or clean them up slightly.

We hope you’ll find these sound effects useful. We’ve many recording trips planned, including some lake sound┬árecording sessions soon.

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