Sep 28

New free soundfx just added

More requests have been pouring in this week (some still in progress) but we’ve just released a load of them into the library. These include everything from some specific balloon air releases in water, more sword swings, but this time with a metal ring to each swipe and more. Here are just a few of them.

Balloon air releases

We’ve already got a fair few of these available, but we’ve been asked to record some air releases into water. These first ones were just an experiment to see if they were the kind of thing the member was asking for, but it turns out they need deeper water. So we thought we may as well release these into the library in case anyone else wants them. The can be downloaded here.


Sword swooshes

Again we already had some of these in the library (we have a pretty big range of free sword sound effects) but our user was requesting some swipes through air with the sound of the air passing across the metal blade of the sword. This was achieved by taking some of our existing cane/stick swipes and layering them up with some recordings of a large knife scraping on a metal surface. These may also be useful for some swift sword chops, especially for a sword fight scene.

Fuse Beads

These are those small beads that children make patterns with on a plastic board and then iron over them to form a solid plastic pattern. My children have a couple of sets of these so I decided they may come in handy as sound effects. I’ve recorded several shakes, movements, sprinkles etc. They are available to download in our toy category.

Crumpled paper sheets

One of our members is working on a movie and needed some paper sheet movements, but specifically several crumpled up sheets. So I simply used around 20 sheets of paper, all crumpled up and then performed the actions required while recording. These include general movements, compressions, drops, standing on and more. They are available for download in our Paper and Card category here.

Tomorrow I’ll be adding in some horse walking and galloping sounds created with coconut shells (yes, the classic method of recreating them). I actually recorded some yesterday but they turned out to be too light and didn’t sound real enough. I think they need heavier hits, so I’ll be attempting these again but putting more pressure on the footsteps this time. They should be uploaded later today or tomorrow so watch this space.

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