New releases and upcoming sounds

We’ve just added 76 new free sound effects and have over 200 more to come this week. These include a wide range of new sounds from food to aliens. The latter was inspired by some horror and science fiction movies we watched together over the weekend (partly for brainstorming) and we came up with some concepts. When we are short of ideas, or struggling to find the right sound for something, watching a good movie can help get the creative juices flowing. So while we only added 3 new alien vocalisation sounds today there will be loads more coming tomorrow.

Knifes (weapons)

One of our members recently emailed us asking if we could record and upload some specific knife sounds. They were working on a short film and needed a particular sized knife being placed down on several different surfaces… these are wood, glass and hard ground. So while we experimented with various sized knives and sent some sounds over for them, they settled on an all-metal knife that produced the sound they wanted. You can download these sounds here.


We have been wanting to record some dartboard sound effects for a while as we didn’t have any and we’ve seen people search for them here before and return no results. In fact we realised we needed a whole new category for these, so we created it and uploaded the first few sounds today. We’ll be adding lots more over the coming weeks and tomorrow we’ve managed to secure access to a professional dartboard. More to follow on these soon. You can grab them here.


You can never have enough door sounds we were one told. So whenever we hear a good old creaky door, one that makes a nice shutting sound or simply one we haven’t got, we always try to record them. Today we uploaded a few new variations of a modern wooden internal door that makes a particular nice hollow sound. You can browse and download all our free door sound effects here.


One of our members mentioned we are in need of some new footstep sounds and we fully agree. So we promised them we’d add them to our production list and get straight on to recording more. In fact we’ve got new footstep recordings scheduled in for the next few weeks and will be going out to record as many different surfaces as possible. Once done we’ll add them all here but also create sound free sfx packs for you to also download. However we’ve added some new barefoot and high heel footsteps today which can be found here.

A really nice old leather holdall bag

One of our friends was throwing out a really old lovely leather holdall today and we just couldn’t see it go into the trash. Like something from the 70s, this bag is a work of art and the sound it produces when being handled and dropped etc is fantastic. So we spent some time recording many different sounds with it, from being put down to picked up, rummaging, movements, zippers and more. They are here to download for free.

We hope you enjoy our latest sound effects and we’ll be adding more this week, so watch this space for more!

I'm the founder of zapsplat.com, creator of a large portion of the sound effects you'll find here. I hope you enjoy the site and sfx 🙂