Sep 21
Royalty free music - keyboard

New royalty free music just added to the library

We’ve been working hard in the studio recording new sound effects and music, and today we announce the release of a few new royalty free music tracks. Below you’ll find some short descriptions of each.

Stay Away

Inspired my rap and hip hop artists such as Eminem, this instrumental track features a simple, repetitive theme that’s set with a staccato bass, classic hip hop style drum loop and piano rhythm. Warm synth pads sit underneath leading into a first guitar break, then into a second more driving electric guitar riff with a bit more attitude. This track is perfect for many applications, so we suggest you take a listen for yourself, here.

Be Mine

Originally inspired by the likes of Barry White, this track ended up taking on more of a modern R&B feel. Warm electric piano chords set the tone, with a muted and electronic bass underneath, classic R&B drum loop plays throughout with a electric guitar riff at intervals. This warm romantic track has a steamy seductive feel. Take a listen and download it for free here.

Let’s Rock

I started creating this track with the idea it could be useful for fast paced action scenes, and it started to take on a much more electronic feel as it progressed. It still has that vibe. The track revolves around a pumping distorted rhythm, that leads into a dub step style wobble bass break. The drums have a break beat feel to them giving the track a heavy, action feel. This could be used for anything from action sports to movie scenes. Take a listen for yourself here.


Inspired by current trap music, this track evolved around the cut up and processed vocal loop that plays throughout. A  subtle drone in the background sets a dark tone, that leads into a vocoder break and then into a driving synth lead. What could this track be used for, well, we’ll let you decide that. Take a listen here.

Funk Brothers

A 1970s funk rock style track that is based around a funky piano loop and funky bass. The drums started out acoustic, but ended up having a much more sampled break beat feel. With the addition of some record scratches, the piece leads into a funky organ and guitar break. With a warm, fun feel, this track should help brighten up any video, movie etc. Take a listen and download it here.

About The Author

I'm the founder of, creator of a large portion of the sound effects you'll find here. I hope you enjoy the site and sfx ?