New royalty free music track

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve recently separated our royalty free music category from the main sound effects lists and now have all our tracks listed as separate items here. The reason we’ve done this is to give more importance to our growing range of royalty free music. In fact, we now plan to add even more each week, have upgraded our software (we now use Logic Pro instead of an older version of Logic Express and Garageband) so you’ll start to see more music added from now on. We are happy to consider requests, although it’s far harder and more time consuming to create music on demand, so while you can ask, we can’t guarantee we can fulfill any requests. But you can make one here.

This new track, ‘Banana Tree’ was written and arranged in Garageband a little while ago and was inspired by a game my son was playing on my computer. It actually had some really horrible music in the game and I started thinking how the game could be improved with some more suitable music. One thing many game players (young and old) tend to forget is that music is at least 50 percent of the experience (much the same as film and TV shows) so making sure you have suitable music is a must.

In fact I wrote this piece while watching my son play the game so in a way it’s almost written for a fun, children’s game, but it could be used for anything.

The song features an acoustic guitar melody that that plays throughout the piece, joined later by matching flute, oboe and glockenspiel. The main rhythm is supplied on piano and there is a percussive loop created using the drums/percussion samples in Garageband. I think it has a slight tropical feel, but you might disagree!

Take a listen and feel free to download and use this (mp3 or wav) in your movies, games, apps etc. The track can be found here.


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