Saro Sahihi of SoundBits talks about field recording and sound design

Beyer Dynamic recently released this interesting interview with the founder of, Saro Sahihi, talking about working as a professional field recordist and sound designer. If you’re thinking about starting a career in the industry, this video will give some great ideas for locations, some things to expect and more. if you’re a working professional, you’ll watch this and think… ‘yeah, I agree’!

As a field recordist and sound designer myself, this video rings many bells for me. Saro speaks many true words and explains some of the good and tricker sides to recording sound effects. One thing that particularly stands out is how you need to, and will become confident to standing front large crowds of people on the street, people interrupting you’re recordings and how to deal with that.

The beauty of working in this industry, Saro points out, is the flexibility and range of situations and environments you’ll find yourself in on a daily basis. You’ll not be stuck in the studio each day, but be out on location, from forests to beaches, airports to construction sites…. where there is noise, there are sound effects. Check out the video and enjoy!

Image © Beyer Dynamic

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