Apr 02
Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled downtime for updates

From 8th April at 23:00 GMT to 9th April at 05:00 GMT (5 hours) zapsplat.com will be unavailable while we make some important site updates. We wanted to give you as much advanced notice as possible so that anyone planning to use our service during those hours can download any sounds required beforehand.

What are we updating?

We are very excited to be re-launching with a brand new design and some new features. Zapsplat.com launched 4 years ago in 2015 and in that time, we’ve created and uploaded 35,000 sound effects, moved to new servers and had over half a million members join our site. We’ve also grown in the number of daily users to thousands per day. All this takes its toll on the software and hardware we use, so finally we’ve made the decision to make some big improvements.

The new site will feature a scaled down design with a more minimalist and modern feel. Sound results will be full width, allowing us to display more information about each sound with better tagging for search and better support for mobile users. We have also improved the look of our contributor pages and made search easier by adding in a new ‘search within specific categories’ feature.

We have also removed a lot of redundant code that was slowing things down and streamlined the existing code for a faster user experience. We know you’ll love the new look and speed improvements and are very excited to show you all next week. We also will welcome feedback so will add a form for you to provide this at the time.

That’s not all. This is just phase one of improvements as we have several new phases lined up. In the next year we’ll be making several other updates while continuing to add thousands of new sound effects and royalty free music tracks every month.

While we are making some big updates, this will not affect user accounts, so you’ll be able to log right back in once we are back up and online. We appreciate your patience while we make these improvements.

About The Author

I'm the founder of zapsplat.com, creator of a large portion of the sound effects you'll find here. I hope you enjoy the site and sfx ?