Pack Horror Atmospheres and Accents

Horror Atmospheres and Accents

Introducing this free pack of 60 terrifying horror atmosphere and accent sound effects by Skyclad Sound. Perfect for any movie, game, app etc or just to scare your friends at Halloween, these production elements are designed to increase tension and inspire a sense of dread in your projects. These sounds are ideal for trailers and abstract sound design, magic or ghostly apparitions etc. Any time there's something lurking just off screen or something's rattling around in the basement, when your hero is haunted by dark dreams or when you need a sound to set the mood, reach for this pack. All the sounds use organic source material as their basis to ensure as rich and realistic an end product as possible. Some sounds started their lives as guitar playing, fireworks, a train passing, paper tearing and even a fart whistle.

60 files in this pack

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