Jul 07

Video: A day in the life of a sound designer & Field Recordist (Soundbits)

I’m often asked about how I capture sound effects. ‘What sort of things do you record?’ is a common one and ‘how do you go about getting those sounds?’ is another.

Recording sound effects is so much more involved than just going out, sticking a microphone in front of something and hitting the record button. The process often involves much research, preparation and time to get great recordings. Often permission requires to be sought for a location, sometimes traveling long distances. Then once you’ve captured your sound effect recordings, it’s off to the studio to edit them down.

One of our contributors, SoundBits, produced this entertaining yet fantastic look into the daily life of a field recordist and sound designer and we highly recommend you watch it.

SoundBits free sound effects on zapsplat.com can be found here

Their huge library of professional sound effects can be found here


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