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We’ve reached 29,000 sound effects

Today we uploaded 62 new free sound effects exclusively for Gold members (check them out here) which brings the total number of sound effects at to just over 29,000. That’s a mighty achievement, considering just three years ago we started with only 6,000 sounds. But are we stopping there? No way. In fact we estimate we will hit 30,000 sounds within 2 to 3 weeks. When we do reach the 3... »

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New Gold sound toggle for Basic Members

Did you know we add up to 500 new free sound effects every week? I personally spend up to 60 hours a week recording, editing and uploading, which, as you can imagine, takes a lot of time and energy, but I do it because I love it and also I know our members love our sounds too. But if you’re a casual user of our website and have a standard Basic Account, you might not realise that every week,... »

Office is now a full time business for me

Many of our members will know that was originally set up as a hobby and I have grown it around my main business (custom sound design for games, apps, movies, software, audio branding etc) for the last 3 years. This has been a challenge due to the fact that I also have 4 children, so dividing my time between all these commitments can be mentally and physically exhausting. In this time ... »


Justin Macleod on the freedom of the sound designer

While engaged in the very fiddling that inspired that idea for this post, one of the other things I love about sound design occurred to me…the freedom. I believe sound design to be one of the freest areas within the field of audio. Sound designers are illusionists. We’re the con artists everyone likes to have around, constantly taking unreality and passing it off as real, packaging cor... »


GDPR compliance

Today is the day new EU regulations come into force to protect user’s data and privacy within the European Union. While we are based in Australia (formerly the UK), many of our users are within the EU, meaning we like all other companies who’s members or users are within the EU must take new measures regarding this. We have always operated a fair and strict policy with regards to what we do ... »

Kondalilla Falls

Recording the Kondalilla Falls

The last few weeks have felt like I was working an office job, something I’ve deliberately chosen not to do in my life, because it’s just not for me. But with running a website also comes the tasks that involve me sitting in front of a computer screen for extended periods of time. Recently I’ve also spent a fair bit of time on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, another job of the website owner) and ... »

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Using our free sound effects & music in YouTube videos

A HUGE number of our members download and use our free sound effects and royalty free music in their YouTube videos, which on last count was around 26% of you. With this we often get asked questions regarding using our sounds for such videos, so this quick blog post is here to answer those questions… 1) Can I Legally use your sound effects and music in my YouTube videos? Yes. All our sounds and mu... »

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Using the Zoom H1 as a portable emergency recorder: a quick review

If you’ve read some of my previous posts regarding portable handheld recorders, you’ll be aware that I’ve use many over the years including others from the Zoom range (H2 H4 and H5) as well as higher-end recorders such as the Sony PCM D100 (great review here) which is my current go to portable. But even the Sony device can be a little bulky for those situations where you just don’t want to have to... »

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Third party review of with a focus on accessibility

I absolutely love talking to our members and regularly post up some of the feedback we receive in posts here. I’ve always been of the opinion that listening to what your users think about your service should be a top priority. Last year I was approached by Justin Macleod, a sound designer and regular user of our sounds here at Justin eventually became a contributor, adding some... »

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Requesting sounds you can’t find

Very often I receive emails stating something like “I can’t find the sound xyz in your library, do you know where I can find them or can you create it for me”. I love receiving requests because it a) helps me understand what we are lacking and can build the library around this and b) because it opens up dialogue between you and I. Running any website (or any business) relies heavily on interaction... »