Welcome to Uberduo and Their Cabin

We’re very pleased to welcome Uberduo as a contributor, who has given us a very generous selection of sounds demonstrating the quality of their sound library “The Cabin audio playset”, which is designed to “allow producers, sound designers and other post-production audio professionals to quickly and easily establish an immersive audio set design with minimal effort.” ... »


A Big Welcome to Detunized

We’re very happy to welcome our latest contributor Detunized to Zapsplat with a contribution of 25 sound effects. I first came across Detunized when I discovered their Abandoned shelters library, which, at the time of writing this article, is on sale at A Sound effect.  I was impressed by the atmosphere the sounds generate. Check out the demo and listen to the metal creepily swinging in the ... »

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Meet the Contributors

Zapsplat would be nothing without the community of contributors that support us. Each brings their own take on sound design, their own methods for producing evocative sound effects or valuable source material. Up to now, users have been able to access contributors’ profiles by clicking on them as they come across sounds they find useful. But say you’re a talent scout or a sound library... »

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A bumper Batch of Blockbuster Quality

We’ve had a huge influx of new sound effects lately, much of it from brand new contributors. This article is a whistle-stop tour of some of those sounds and, more importantly, a chance to introduce our latest sound designers and recordists. Before we get into that though, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all our contributors, both new and long-standing for the awesome quality and dive... »

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We’ve reached 30,000 Sound Effects – Get a free pack of pro sounds by Audio Hero

Today we’ve reached 30,000+ free sound effects! This milestone is one we’ve been working towards for some time, and today we’re extremely pleased to be able to announce it. And there’s only one way to celebrate, that’s with a free pack of sounds by our fabulous contributor Audio Hero. Free pack of 100 professional sound effects by Audio Hero! Who are Audio Hero? Well ... »

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Just Do it: Keep on Keeping on

So much can stand between a sound designer or recordist and their creative goals. You may have a brilliant idea in your head, but factors such as equipment, experience, technical skills, self-confidence and environmental problems, such as unwanted aircraft, car radios etc, to name but a few, all conspire to make the road a difficult one. Understandably, this can make it seem very daunting This ser... »

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We’ve reached 29,000 sound effects

Today we uploaded 62 new free sound effects exclusively for Gold members (check them out here) which brings the total number of sound effects at to just over 29,000. That’s a mighty achievement, considering just three years ago we started with only 6,000 sounds. But are we stopping there? No way. In fact we estimate we will hit 30,000 sounds within 2 to 3 weeks. When we do reach the 3... »

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New Gold sound toggle for Basic Members

Did you know we add up to 500 new free sound effects every week? I personally spend up to 60 hours a week recording, editing and uploading, which, as you can imagine, takes a lot of time and energy, but I do it because I love it and also I know our members love our sounds too. But if you’re a casual user of our website and have a standard Basic Account, you might not realise that every week,... »

Office is now a full time business for me

Many of our members will know that was originally set up as a hobby and I have grown it around my main business (custom sound design for games, apps, movies, software, audio branding etc) for the last 3 years. This has been a challenge due to the fact that I also have 4 children, so dividing my time between all these commitments can be mentally and physically exhausting. In this time ... »


Justin Macleod on the freedom of the sound designer

While engaged in the very fiddling that inspired that idea for this post, one of the other things I love about sound design occurred to me…the freedom. I believe sound design to be one of the freest areas within the field of audio. Sound designers are illusionists. We’re the con artists everyone likes to have around, constantly taking unreality and passing it off as real, packaging cor... »