Zoom H1 on box

Using the Zoom H1 as a portable emergency recorder: a quick review

If you’ve read some of my previous posts regarding portable handheld recorders, you’ll be aware that I’ve use many over the years including others from the Zoom range (H2 H4 and H5) as well as higher-end recorders such as the Sony PCM D100 (great review here) which is my current go to portable. But even the Sony device can be a little bulky for those situations where you just don’t want to have to... »

Computer and coffee

Third party review of with a focus on accessibility

I absolutely love talking to our members and regularly post up some of the feedback we receive in posts here. I’ve always been of the opinion that listening to what your users think about your service should be a top priority. Last year I was approached by Justin Macleod, a sound designer and regular user of our sounds here at Justin eventually became a contributor, adding some... »

Question mark

Requesting sounds you can’t find

Very often I receive emails stating something like “I can’t find the sound xyz in your library, do you know where I can find them or can you create it for me”. I love receiving requests because it a) helps me understand what we are lacking and can build the library around this and b) because it opens up dialogue between you and I. Running any website (or any business) relies heavily on interaction... »

Thank you

A big thanks to all those who have donated and upgraded so far!

Last month we started accepting monthly and yearly recurring donations to help us monetize allowing us to better cover our costs, help me to dedicated more of my time to recording and uploading more free sound effects and royalty free music and safeguard the site for the future. So far it’s going very well and the projections look good for the site to be fully self-sustainable by June... »

Miscrophone outside

Why free sound effects are important

I occasionally get asked ‘why do you offer sounds for free’, which is a legitimate response to the core ethos behind Some people don’t understand why we do what we do and why it is important. Are we trying to dominate the sound library industry? Are we bringing the industry down by offering a free alternative to what has always been a paid-for market place? No, we don’t believe so an... »

Free to use sounds


I few months ago I had an email arrive in my inbox from an enthusiastic and highly motivated individual named Marcel Gnauk, who informed me of his website and enviable lifestyle, traveling around the world recording sound effects. In fact, just a few days before receiving the email, I’d had a conversation with my wife expressing a desire to do the exact same thing. On taking a look at his website ... »


Recording a severe thunderstorm

Following weather forecasts is important if your planning to record weather related sounds, or even if you want to make sure any weather events don’t hamper a recording session. So out here in Australia, I am always keeping an eye on the Australian BOM website (The Australian Bureau of Meteorology) and also another service called Higgins Storm Chasing, who do a good job at explaining forecasts in ... »


Latest free sound effects just added and a new donation system

I’ve just uploaded 25 new free horror sound effects by Audio Hero. These include some fantastic monsters, creatures and werewolves, plus haunted house door creaks and more. There are also two fantastic werewolf howling sounds which are perfect for any Halloween production. These two sounds in particular have that vintage classic sound to them. Check them our here (if you dare)! New donation system... »

Audio Hero

New contributor Audio Hero and other news!

It’s with great pleasure I can announce our latest free sound effects contributor, Audio Hero. They bring hundreds of new sounds from their extensive collection of over 250,000 sound effects and royalty free music. Audio Hero’s library offers almost every sound imaginable, from nature sounds right through to science fiction, horror, fantasy, industrial and much more. Their library features sounds ... »

Sound Wave

Welcome to Adam A Johnson, our latest free sound contributor

It’s with great pleasure I can announce our latest free sound effects contributor, Adam A Johnson. Adam has come onboard with some of his large collection of sounds recorded over many years and in many locations around the world. Adam is a well known figure in the sound design industry having been active since the early 2000s’ working with leading figures and some of the best libraries online. It’... »