Welcome to Justin Macleod, our latest free sound effects contributor and new soundfx by Glitchedtones

It’s with great pleasure I can announce our latest free sound effects contributor, Justin Macleod. Justin is a sound designer based in the United Kingdom who specialises in producing cinematic sound design effects, some of which are created from simple everyday objects and actions. I’ve been in contact with Justin via Twitter for sometime and he’s been a keen user of our sound effects and service ... »

Articulated Sounds

Welcome to Articulated Sounds, our latest free sound effect contributor

We’d like to give a very warm welcome to our latest free sound effects contributor, Articulated Sounds. Based in Montreal, Canada, Articulated boast a huge library of soundfx that cover a massive and diverse range, from busy city streets to the gentle flow of a fountain in a quiet park, to fun monsters, martians, cartoon voices and so much more. Articulated have kindly contributed 100 professional... »

Music Studio

New portfolio section and ‘hire me’ feature for our contributors

Today we launched a new feature for our contributors… the ability to add a portfolio to their profile page showcasing the credits they’ve gained, any awards they’ve won and their educational achievements. We’ve seen a growing number of our users take a keen interest in where the sound effects uploaded to come from and who is behind them and we thought this was the perfect way to... »


Latest Feedback

With more great feedback rolling in, I wanted to share them here, so here is what our members and visitors have been saying to us this month. I am so thrilled to learn of your wonderful service! I am creating a number of Podcasts based on my novels and I will be using your great sound effects to help tell the story. I will also give you credit at the end of the presentation. And I look forward to ... »


New upload feature for contributors

It’s with great pleasure I can announce the launch of our contributor upload feature on, allowing anyone who wants to share the sound effects they have created for free with the community. Before this, contributors had to send us their sounds via Dropbox or other link which was cumbersome. Now all you need to do if you want to join the contributor community is log in, click the ‘uploa... »

Noosa Heads

Recording the ocean at Noosa National Park, Australia

Probably one of the most famous places to visit at the northern edge of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia is Noosa Heads, a tourist hotspot and home to quite possibly the most beautiful National Park in Australia. The main town boasts amazing restaurants, bars, clothes shops and gift shops, some of the best ice cream in the area and much more. But I didn’t come for an ice cream, I came t... »

Milky Way

Free stock imagery from Pexels

If like me you often need to access high quality free stock images for your work, then you may have found yourself hunting around the internet trying to find a library that offers just that. A few years ago the hunt was a long and arduous one, often finding the perfect image, but then realising there is a complicated licensing system attached. Well look no further! A while ago we reviewed Pixabay.... »

Macbook Pro

New Apple Macbook Pro and audio plugins

It was the end of the road for my trusty old Macbook Air, which for the last 4 years has done me well as a portable studio solution for when I’m out and about. The computer has helped create and edit over 10,000 sound effects so it’s time she was allowed a rest. One key had fallen off and even through I’d performed a software reset, it had finally started showing signs of age and heavy use. So I’v... »

Light Sabre

Recreating two of the iconic Star Wars sound effects

Star Wars is one of the most influential films of ‘modern’ sound design. By that I mean the sound designer responsible, Ben Burtt set standards that were way ahead of their time and even today, stand the set of time. When one of our members asked me to produce a similar sound to the light sabre I had to think creatively. I have yet to produce it but when conducting my research, I came ... »

Recording Studio

Starting out as a sound designer and getting a step ahead

These days, all the colleges and universities around the world that offer music and sound courses are releasing many thousands of young, enthusiastic, inspired and creative individuals, all keen to find their place in an industry that has become increasingly competitive. Just a decade ago, I left college and found myself in the same predicament. Yes there was a high demand for jobs and yes, you hi... »