Raindrops on window

Ideas for recording rain

Being from the UK, we were never without a rainy day. In fact, the majority of days were rainy, with the odd day of sunshine in between. There are several things I miss about the UK, but the weather isn’t one of them. Here in Queensland, Australia, we’ve seen the first of the wet season’s rain falling and it’s been quite a shock. In fact, in the last two days we’ve ha... »

New sound results layout

New sound result layout and audio player

It’s been asked so many times, I decided it was time to give our sound results a bit of a makeover and at the same time, introduce a better preview player for each sound effect result. So you’ll notice as from today a shiny new look to the sound results and hopefully a better system for listening to our sounds and music. New audio player Since launching in 2015, we’ve been using ... »

Rain clouds

Sometimes a recording session just isn’t meant to be!

Yesterday was a day I’d had planned to go up into the rainforests here and record the atmosphere deep within the Kondalilla National Park. As some of you may be aware, I often record there and try to do so at different times of the year when different animals and insects make different noises. Being spring, it’s starting to warm up and all the cicada and other insects are slowing start... »

Sound Wave

New contributor feature

This is a bit of a spoiler, but here is some info on a feature we are working on implementing and I just wanted to reach out with the ideas and gather any feedback people may have. While there are some great resources out there for free sound effects, such as us, etc, there is a real lack of space for sound designers, sfx libraries and music composers (from students through to season... »


Can I use your sound effects in my project?

Our sound effects are free to use, but that doesn’t mean they are copyright free. We retain the copyright on sounds released via our Standard License (most of our library). This means we retain all rights to the sounds, but via our licence, we allow you to use them for free in your projects. I receive emails regularly asking if our sounds can be used in certain projects and I thought it migh... »


Latest free sfx uploads include underwater recordings

It’s the start of another busy week and we aim to hit 17,000 free sound effects by Monday as we’ve a busy schedule of sound recording lined up. We’ve kicked of this week with some underwater sounds, some requested industrial sounds too and more. Here is a short breakdown of what we’ve been doing… Underwater recordings I never need an excuse to get in a swimming pool and if ... »


Donating and upgrading is a free sound effect and music library. We always have been and we always will be. From day one, our mission was to provide a wide range of sounds that filmmakers, game and app developers, animators, students, teachers, website developers and anyone else can use safe in the knowledge that they are 100% legal to use. Our other promise was that the library would remain a growing resou... »


What is the future for sound effects libraries?

For those of you too young to remember, sound effect libraries once came on vinyl. I had the opportunity recently to help archive an old library digitally converted from DAT tapes that had to be edited and saves as wav files. Amongst those sounds were a real mix of vintage recordings and some from the 80s’ and 90’s too. But the real gems were some old recordings of WW2 Spitfires flying... »

Dog close up

Recording dogs

Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes and with that come all manner of different sounds. Our free dog sound effects are very popular and we’ve been lucky to have had access to many over the years and we never say no to the chance to record more. But when it comes to recording them, there are a few important things to consider. Some of these points are pretty generic, but for the novice... »

Knife slice sound effects

Creating knife slash sound effects

We’ve recently been asked to produce a set of 4 different knife slash sounds, with the requirement being the knife must cut the flesh with a nasty fleshy blood squelch. So we thought we’d write a short article on how we achieved this. In the real world, such an action would likely not produce much of a sound at all. But Hollywood has dramatised actions such as this and added an exagger... »