How to find value in recording everyday items for beginners

How to find value in recording everyday items for beginners

I was asked a little while ago by someone how I came up with new ideas for recording sound effects, given that I upload over 300, sometimes as many as 500 new sound effects per week. This got me thinking how best to answer the question. Actually the answer is quite simple and I want to explain my approach to recording and how I source the objects and ideas I record every week. The truth is, sound ... »

Looking out of train window

To Squeak or not to Squeak

Convincing sound design is essential to the suspension of disbelief. If your crackling cellophane and air blowing into a microphone doesn’t convince your audience that there is a raging inferno around (but rather sounds like precisely what it is) then they’ll be taken out of the story in which they’re supposed to be immersed. Even if the sound effect you’re using in a scene... »

Thunder and lightning

Recording free thunder and lightning sound effects

I’m from the UK, which means when we got a thunderstorm back there, it was a big deal. It didn’t happen often because the summers didn’t often produce the weather conditions for it. But when it did, it could be spectacular. The last time I experienced a summertime thunderstorm in the UK was late one Friday afternoon, just after picking the kids up from school. I was carrying my 3... »

New York City Cabs

Recording free New York City sound effects (a nostalgic look back)

Back in around 1999, when I seriously started thinking about a career recording sound effects, I remember hearing the sounds of a major American city (mostly likely New York) on TV and being memorized by how loud everything was. Never having really been to any American cities, I wondered if they really did sound that loud, that busy and that buzzing. Sure, I’d been to London many times, but ... »

YouTube Logo

Free sound effects for YouTube

I wanted to write a short article on using our sounds in YouTube videos. We get questions daily about this subject so, I thought this might answer some of your questions. Can I use your sound effects in my YouTube Video? This is the common question and there is a very simple answer, yes! We create up to 500 new free sound effects weekly, many of which are requests our community asks us for, specif... »

Alexander Gastrell

Ringing, rest, relaxation and more

In between producing and uploading more sound effects ourselves, fulfilling a recent sound request and preparing for the implementation of a website refurbishment, as ever we’ve been on the lookout for talented sound designers to join our growing community of contributors. I’m pleased to welcome Alexander Gastrell, who’s produced a number of really interesting libraries that rang... »

Omar Alvarado

Another delivery of diverse delights.

It’s me again, back to offer a hearty welcome to our newest contributor, Omar Alvarado, a personal friend with whom I’ve been chatting and exchanging ideas for some time. He’s given us a very wide-ranging batch of great, atmospheric sound effects from spaceships and drones to rural ambiences and here’s a little look through them. In the ambience section, we have three versi... »

Lesser Vibes

Introducing Lesser Vibes

It seems like only a minute ago that I was writing the article to welcome Skyes Audio to our community of contributors, but now, I’m pleased to announce that we have yet another contributor to welcome – Lesser Vibes. Lesser Vibes is a Russian-based sound design company whose “HIGH TECH INTERFACE SOUNDS” library has appeared on A Sound Effect’s best sellers list 3 year... »

A Warm Welcome to Skyes Audio

A Warm Welcome to Skyes Audio

We’re delighted to introduce contributor number two this year, Skyes Audio, bringing us over 60 sounds from across their successful  libraries. There’s a really interesting breadth of subject matter here  and, in this article, we’ll take a whistle stop tour. If it’s abstract and sci-fi sounds you want, this new collection won’t  disappoint. There are growls and hums a... »

2019 New Year

Looking Behind and Looking Ahead

It’s the time of year when everyone looks back on how the previous year went and looks forward to what they hope to achieve in the coming year and Zapsplat’s no exception. In this article, we want to share a few highlights from 2018 as well as our goals for the coming year, how we’d like to reach out and help more people to an even greater extent and how you can get involved if y... »