Jul 31
Water whirlpool

Water and Whooshes: our two latest sound effects packs

Sometimes, a project will call for very particular sounds – one from this category, two or three from that. At other times, when you don’t have time to search for and download individual sound effects, or when you know that you’ll need a large number of closely related assets, downloading sound effects collections is far more convenient.

It’s because of this that we continue to grow our range of themed, free sound effects packs so that you can download our sounds in the way that works best for you, either by surgical searching or bumper batch blitzing. We’re pleased to announce that we have two more for you.

Our latest two offerings, ‘Water Gurgles‘ and ‘Dark Magic‘, while containing radically different sounds, could, in fact, be used in closely related ways…or not. The choice is yours.


Water Gurgles

Water makes a wonderful range of noises that are useful in so many contexts. So, following on from ‘Space Divers Mini‘, the imaginative pack generously contributed by sound designer and recordist Lukas Tvrdon, we thought we’d give you even more watery sounds, but sticking closer to the surface this time.

To be honest, I have always been fascinated by the distinctive sound different plug-holes make as the water swirls away. In our ‘Water Gurgles’ pack, we have sink drain sounds, bath drain sounds and sounds that could represent a blocked drain.

There are lots of resonant gurgles, plops and bubbles. I particularly like this blocked drain sound.

Many projects need drain sounds or the sounds of water bubbles through a pipe and these sounds are certainly excellent for those applications, but that’s just scratching the surface of what this pack can do. With a little imagination and perhaps some editing or processing, these sounds could prove useful as production elements, cartoon sound effects or game audio assets.

The plops and bubbles could be ideal to evoke a quirky or lighthearted mood. Samsung used a number of watery elements in the UI for their Galaxy S 3 phone, so perhaps, with a little pitch-shifting, these sounds might work as UI elements for your project.

Many of these gurgles have a particularly throaty resonance. Despite their simple and humble origins, these sounds could make ideal ingredients in monster vocalizations. It would be far from the first time water has helped to create a monster. The sound of a flushing toilet, slowed down, provided the basis for the roar of a yeti in 60s Doctor Who. Boom Library’s excellent recent sound effects release ‘Monsters and Beasts’ provides various sink plunger sound effects, as well as a didgeridoo blown into water for use as monstrous source material. Check out our in-depth review of that library here.

Vocoding and morphing could be particularly helpful here. Try looping a section of a gurgle and morphing or vocoding it with your voice, either speech or other vocalizations.

Bubbling sounds could also be useful as constituents for healing magic in a game or the sound of someone finding or using a magic potion. There are a lot of possibilities to explore.


Dark Magic

Our latest pack, ‘Dark Magic’, contains 31 aggressive whooshes and impacts, ideal for use as magic elements. Some have rocky or liquid asepcts for projects dealing in elemental sorcery. There are even some sounds containing metal crashes.

Some of these sounds have a definite feel of something incoming represented by a descending whoosh followed by an impact, others are ideal for pass-bys or an incoming whoosh without the impact.

The variations between the sounds in this collection mean that you could either build multiple versions of the same magic spell effect for a game or a battle between many magicians.

If magic spells aren’t your thing though, consider the sounds in this pack for cinematic trailer effects or transitions between scenes.

We hope you enjoy this sound packs. Use them completely legally in any of your productions to meet your bathroom, beasty, bubbling, battling, blasting, whooshing, transitioning or UI needs.

If you have any suggestions for other packs you’d like us to produce, get in touch and let us know. Or, alternatively, why not submit a pack of your own? Sounds could come from a library you have already released or could be a test run for a library concept you have germinating.

Our next themed collection will be coming soon.

About The Author

Justin Macleod is a sound designer based in the UK who runs SkyClad Sound. You can check out his sound effects here at zapsplat.com and follow him on Twitter @SkycladSound

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