Sumo Blanco

Welcome to Sumo Blanco, our latest free sound effects contributor

Sumo Blanco, (AKA Bryan Wilson) is an electronic music producer from Texas, USA, who clearly also has a talent and passion for sound design. Specialising in moods and sci-fi drones, Sumo Blanco has very generously contributed 25 breathtaking atmospheres from his Twisted Drones + Dreamscapes library. In his collection, you’ll find drones, etheral atmospheres and down right menacing tones. His sound effects are perfect backgrounds to genres such as science fiction, horror and for games, apps, films and much more.

We are very grateful for his contribution to and we hope you enjoy using his sound effects as much as we have so far.

You can listen and download all of Sumo Blanco’s free sound effects here.

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