What are the YouTube icons on music tracks?

All music and sound effects on ZapSplat are 100% legally published and licensed to you for your use in your work. A very small number of our music tracks (not sound effects) could potentially trigger a Content ID claim via YouTube because the contributing artist releases their music via several publishers. One of the other publishers may manage the YouTube Content ID for the music meaning a claim could trigger a warning that you can not monetise (with ads) the video with the music. However, this really just means for those few tracks, we need to help you dispute the claim which allows you to then monetise those videos.

We’ve had very few claims rejected and have only had a handful of claims in the many years we have operated.

This affects a very small number of the music tracks we license, but we decided to place a label on each track regardless, because the claim process can take a few days to release, slowing down the release of the video, or your ability to earn the ad revenue.

When you click on “More Info” on a music track, we will show a label indicating if that music track is affected.


YouTube Safe

YouTube Icon Tick

When you see this icon (YouTube logo accompanied by a green tick), it means the music track is safe for YouTube and will not generate a Content ID claim or cause any issues with monetisation of your videos. This means:

  • We are the creator/composer of the music track in question, or
  • We control the Content ID for that track, or
  • The composer has not published the music with any other publisher


YouTube Safe (but a claim may be possible)

YouTube Icon Exclamation

When you see this icon (YouTube logo with a yellow exclamation mark) it doesn’t mean the music track isn’t safe for YouTube, it just means there is potential for a Contend ID claim. There are a number of reasons why:

  • The creator/composer has published the track with more than one publisher, one of whom controls the Content ID, or
  • The track has generated a Content ID claim before (even if we get them successfully resolved, there is potential for more)


As stated, if you do receive a Content ID claim on a music track, we will help resolve this (we actually have contacts directly with most publishers), but it may take a few days to resolve. If this happens, get in touch and we will work to resolve the claim.


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Remember, you must credit us/provide attribution when using our sounds/music in your work. An example would be:

Sound from Zapsplat.com

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