Thai jungle

10 new Thailand jungle ambiences just added

If you’ve ever watched a wildlife program set in the heart of a tropical rainforest or jungle, you’ll know the lush tone the insects, birds and other animals make and just how beautiful it sounds. Recording on such locations can be tricky, just gaining access, battling the heat, humidity, rain, mosquito and other elements can test even the most experienced and hardy location sound recordist.

While we have many rainforest sound effects in our library, our fantastic contributor Marcel from has just kindly contributed 10 ambiences recorded deep in a jungle in Thailand. The sounds are recorded at night in a range of different locations within the forest.

From low level insect noise through to loud cicada and other insects, there are also frogs mating and much more. In some recordings the light patter of rain can be heard dripping from the tree canopy down onto the forest floor adding even more atmosphere.

As always, the quality of Marcel’s work is fantastic, recorded on professional recorders and microphones and edited down to be used in your project without any further work. But if you want longer versions of these and a massive collection of other sounds, we recommend you head over to and send Marcel a few coffees to gain access to his huge library.

Marcel and Libby are continuing their travels around the world recording their experiences in the form of sound. While we all look on with jealousy, at least we can join their experience through the sound they capture, and use them in your projects too!

Download these fantastic sounds here.

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