Nov 06

From psychedelia to polystyrene: new sounds from Scott Lawlor and PMSFX

It’s time for the round-up of some of the latest sounds we have for you and this time they come from new and active contributors Scott Lawlor and PMSFX. There’s everything from Foley and household sound effects to the sci-fi and cinematic so there will almost certainly be something you can use.

14 Sounds from Scott

Scott is a prolific artist with more albums than I can count on Bandcamp. I know him for his dark ambient compositions and his emotive piano playing, so it was a surprise to find that his latest contribution is something a little different as he turns his attention to filling out our “Hits and Noises” category with some interesting retro sound design. There’s this trippy piece of time-stretched oddness, which reminds me of someone having a hallucination and this other strange sound, which wouldn’t look out of place in any episode of classic Doctor Who. There are also a couple of atmospheric drones like this one.  and also the sound of glass being emptied into a recycle bin.

All in all, this is a mini collection that showcases the diversity of Scott’s talent, especially when considered alongside his other work.

Five Sounds from PMSFX

PMSFX just doesn’t stop and we’re really grateful for the quantity of excellent content they’ve given us from their many libraries. Again, this latest little batch really shows how diverse the sound design that comes out of PMSFX is.

We have a shower curtain, a nice sonorous coin sound, polystyrene creaking and finally my two picks to show you this time round.

The first is a rain storm captured in a back alley with distant thunder rumbles and nice, bright, clear rain. One of the things I really like about PMSFX’s sounds is the clarity he manages to achieve in his recordings, whether the sounds are artificial or natural and I first noticed this brightness while listening to his Back Alley rain library. The second is a cinematic hit. PMSFX’s cinematic sounds have all the oomph and hyper-reality you need for in your face stingers etc. I like the growling, powering down feel this sound has.

If you like these sounds, check out Scott and PMSFx’s profiles and remember you have the chance to win all PMSFX’s sound libraries in one fell swoop by entering our competition.

That’s it for now. Watch out for a post from Alan about his trip to record World War II tanks coming up very soon.

About The Author

Justin Macleod is a sound designer based in the UK who runs SkyClad Sound. You can check out his sound effects here at and follow him on Twitter @SkycladSound

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